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Doukhobor Peace Day Message 2019
Koozma J. Tarasoff | Spirit Wrestlers – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jul 2019

29 Jun 2019 – It was on the midnight of June 28-29, 1895 that 7,000 Russian Doukhobors in Transcaucasia, Russia (and now Turkey) set ablaze piles of their own and government-issued rifles, pistols and swords in the first mass protest in history against militarism and war. This year 2019 marks the 124th anniversary of this momentous pioneering happening calling for hope in creating a world without wars.

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I Love Therefore I Am!
Koozma J. Tarasoff – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Oct 2018

The Evolution of Homo Sapiens

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How the Media Manipulates Us into War
Koozma J. Tarasoff, Spirit-Wrestlers – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Jan 2012

Generally, people assume that the media has the responsibility of presenting the truth and nothing but the truth in its journalistic reports about peace and war. It is agreed that an informed public is less likely to go to war.

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