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Brainwashed to Violence
Kristin Young Christman - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Jan 2021

If brainwashed to commit violence, your conscience doesn’t prick when you kill.

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Oppression Is Bad for Your Health
Kristin Young Christman – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 May 2020

It has been downright creepy.  Why?  Because it is such an illogical reaction to a virus that kills – not 50%, not 25%, but an estimated 1 – 3% of those who contract it.  When I checked online in mid-March, I found that, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of patients who contracted the coronavirus COVID-19 had only mild symptoms.

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Iran and the ‘US Holy Code Book of Double Standard Morality’
Kristin Young Christman - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Mar 2020

What I find most troublesome about Double Standard Morality is that when morality is determined by the identity of the actor and not the act, you’ve got a cruel case of selfish immorality and a dangerous sense of divinely inspired self-righteousness that hamstring our ability to ever achieve understanding and peace with the enemy.

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