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Celebrating 20 Years of Peace Mask Project: An Interview with Director Kya Kim
Robert Kowalczyk interviews Kya Kim – TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Aug 2020

Many peacebuilding efforts understand the value of art and symbolism in their work, but not many have artists on staff. With 20 years of experience, I believe we have a tool that is easily adaptable and can work in a variety of cultural and environmental contexts. We have seen how the Peace Mask making workshops bring people together through the heart rather than the mind and create a harmonizing experience and atmosphere for participants.

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The Art of Symbolism in Peace Building
Kya Kim | TED Talks - TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Nov 2014

[Former TMS Resident Journalist], peace activist and Peace Mask Project team member Kya Kim reminds us of the powerful role of symbolism in creating change towards lasting peace. Kya and her team strive to spark this lasting peace across Japan, China and Korea with the current Peace Mast East Asia Project.

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