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Why Does the Algerian Regime Fear Rachad?
Lakhdar Ghettas – Open Democracy, 7 Sep 2015

In light of propaganda against the movement, media censorship, book banning and bogus Interpol arrest warrants against its founders, the regime clearly sees it as a threat. But why?

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The Military Coup in Egypt: Challenges of the Transition
Dr. Lakhdar Ghettas, Cordoba Foundation of Geneva – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jul 2013

The ousting of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian army is a military coup d’état pure and simple. Morsi’s ousting qualifies for a military putsch which is by definition the illegal removal of the head of the state by the army or a faction within it, or the security services, through the use of force or the threat to using it.

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(Français) Le Coup d’Etat en Egypte: Les Défis de la Transition
Dr. Lakhdar Ghettas – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jul 2013

L’éviction du président Mohamed Morsi par l’armée égyptienne est un coup d’Etat militaire pur et simple. En effet, cette éviction répond à la définition d’un renversement illégal de la tête de l’Etat par l’armée, une faction interne, ou les services de sécurité, par l’utilisation de la force ou de la menace de l’utiliser.

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Unrest in Algeria: The Window is Closing Fast
Lakhdar Ghettas – London School of Economics, 25 Apr 2011

The regime would be making a costly mistake to believe that the chaotic situation in Libya and the fragile one in Tunisia and Egypt would make the west favour stability in Algeria for the simple reason that Algeria cannot escape the ripple effects of the geopolitical earthquakes in the region, two of which on its eastern borders. History is on the march.

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