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The Battle for Libya: Up in Smoke
Larbi Sadiki – Al Jazeera, 30 May 2011

It was meant to be rapid, unburdened by collateral damage or ethical liability and in support of a worthy cause: Ridding Libya of Gaddafi as a helping hand for the spectacular Arab Spring. In reality, the battle for Libya is everything but that. It is progressing slowly and remaining inconclusive. Worse, its collateral damage has been mounting, and consequently the ethics are beginning to look shaky. The word muddle comes to mind.

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Colossus: The Giant Gazan Prison
Larbi Sadiki - Aljazeera, 8 Nov 2010

Gazans need to reclaim their state of dignity and humanity before reclaiming the seemingly illusionary hope of a Palestinian state. A peek inside the ‘big prison’ reveals the blockade to be multi-layered – affecting economy, polity, diplomacy and security. For most Arabs, that Israel imposes a de-humanising blockade may be easy to explain, but Egypt’s role in the blockade defies logical explication. The music one hears from the Egyptian regime and other Arab states about adherence to international agreements convinces neither Arabs nor Westerners.

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The Elephant in the Room
Larbi Sadiki – Al Jazeera, 6 Sep 2010

Excluding Hamas from current and future Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations is an exercise in futility.

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