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Israel’s Next War Is Always ‘Inevitable’
Larry Derfner – The New York Times, 3 Apr 2017

What hardly any Israelis will consider and virtually no influential voices in the West will publicly suggest is that Israel — not Hezbollah in Lebanon, nor Hamas in Gaza, nor the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria — is provoking the next war. Counterintuitive though it may be, Israel, not its militant Islamist or Syrian enemies, is the aggressor in these border wars.

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The Boycott Isn’t Economic Warfare, It’s Psychological
Larry Derfner - +972 Magazine, 17 Feb 2014

It does not have to bring the Israeli economy to its knees, or even close, to force an end to the occupation.

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Slander Israel’s Critics as Anti-Semites, Shut Down Debate on Israel’s Atrocities
Larry Derfner – Haaretz, 25 Mar 2013

Diaspora Jewish defense organizations’ calculated paranoia brands harsh critics of Israeli policy as anti-Semites because it serves their interests: What’s good for the occupation is good for Netanyahu’s Israel , which is good for the Diaspora Jewish establishment.

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