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GM Soy: The Invisible Ingredient ‘Poisoning’ Children
Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent – The Telegraph, 9 May 2011

The home of Petrona Villasboa is surrounded by genetically modified (GM) soy fields. The golden crop looks like a bumper harvest but for her it is a symbol of death. “Soy destroys people’s lives,” she says. “It is a poison. It is no way to live. Soy is deadly to us”. Sitting outside her painted green shack in rural Paraguay, the mother of eight describes the day in January 2003 when her 11-year-old son Silvino Talavera came home from cycling to the shops.

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‘Holy Cows’ to Produce Britain’s Most Expensive Milks
Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent – Telegraph, 8 Nov 2010

The most expensive milk in Britain, produced by cows living at a Hare Krishna farm set up by Beatle George Harrison, is to go on sale for the first time.

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Giant Salmon Will Be First GM Animal Available for Eating
Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent – The Telegraph, 5 Jul 2010

A salmon that grows at twice the normal rate is set to be the first genetically modified (GM) animal available for human consumption.

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