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Greece to the Troika: ‘You Don’t Own Us!’
Lynn Stuart Parramore – Al Jazeera America, 2 Feb 2015

Alarmists have warned that Syriza’s victory will ignite instability and economic disaster, but that threat sounds hollow to a country already laid to waste by flawed policies. While it is true that Greece is a small country of 10 million people that represents a mere 2.5 percent of Europe’s economy, the elections could have big consequences well beyond the country’s borders.

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Shame Is Good. Shame Is Right. Shame Works
Lynn Stuart Parramore – Al Jazeera America, 29 Dec 2014

Shaming may not bring America’s corporate Scrooges immediately around to a Dickensian redemption, but it can play a key role in creating a societal consensus that certain behaviors are indeed disgraceful — and that’s a start. No shame, no blame, you might say.

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7 Weird Things Money Does to Your Brain
Lynn Stuart Parramore – AlterNet, 7 Jul 2014

Money is packed with meaning, and it impacts our personalities, our relationships, and how we think. As you might imagine, a lot of stuff is going on in our brains when we think about money, and some of it is surprising.

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