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Laissez Faire Water Laws Threaten Family Farming in Chile
Marianela Jarroud, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jun 2015

May 27 2015 – Family farmers in Chile are pushing for the reinstatement of water as a public good, to at least partially solve the shortages caused by the privatisation of water rights by the military dictatorship in 1981.

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Victims of Clerical Sex Abuse Join Forces in Latin America
Marianela Jarroud, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Mar 2015

20 Mar 2015 – Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Latin America are taking the first steps towards grouping together in order to bolster their search for justice – a struggle where they have found a new ally: filmmaking.

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Chile Taps Solar Thermal Energy with Latin America’s First Plant
Marianela Jarroud, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Aug 2014

“Thermal solar plants are capable of generating and storing energy, and in practice that means they can operate around the clock for most of the year, solely based on energy from the sun.” — Professor Roberto Román

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Latin America Flexes Muscles at Joint EU Summit
Marianela Jarroud – TerraViva Europe, 4 Feb 2013

The nations of Latin America and the Caribbean strengthened their position with respect to Europe at the CELAC-EU summit held this weekend [Jan 26-27, 2013] in the Chilean capital, reaching agreements that protect their natural resources from foreign investors and securing a joint condemnation of the United States’ trade embargo against Cuba.

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