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Just Because the Golden Arches Are in Vietnam Doesn’t Mean the US Won the War
Mark Ashwill – CounterPunch, 8 May 2017

5 May 2017 – As we reflect on the 42nd anniversary of the merciful and jubilant end of the American War in Viet Nam, I have good news to share with US Americans, especially those who remember, or came of age in, that turbulent era: Viet Nam is alive and well and, indeed, prospering in many respects. In fact, it’s faring better than the superpower it defeated in terms of optimism, dynamism, and hope.

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Commercial News Beats the War Drum
Mark Ash - Reader Supported News, 2 Sep 2013

The New York Times, following in the great tradition of Washington correspondent extraordinaire Judith Miller, is busy rationalizing and explaining the White House’s mind on the upcoming military action. The point of the proposed attack, explains the Times, is to “Restore a ‘Red Line’ That Became Blurred.” Presumably the mission will then be accomplished.

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