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Status of Women in Post Taliban Afghanistan
Maryam Sakeenah – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 May 2010

This paper attempts to study, investigate and analyse the condition and status of womenfolk in Afghanistan after the United States-led invasion of the country in November-December 2001. It includes information and findings to clearly illustrate the actual state of affairs relating to women in the war-ravaged country. On the basis of data collection and findings, the paper aims at drawing conclusions and making recommendations for the improvement of the situation and status of the women in present-day Afghanistan.

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Maryam Sakeenah - Dissident Voice, 1 Nov 2009

A Suicide bomber: A grotesque, bloodthirsty monster. And this haggard, greying old man with his vacant eyes and broken slipper, like the broken spirit within as the cameras stare into his face and the headlines are splashed across interfaces: Suicide Bomber. Caught in the Act. A thrilling, juicy piece of news. It will fly. And […]

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Maryam Sakeenah, 28 Jul 2009

The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ thesis may stand refuted as it very well is, but “refuting the Clash of Civilizations thesis will not stop the Clash of Civilizations concepts being applied to the War on Terror. The issue therefore is not how one can refute it, but how one can challenge its application in the world […]

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