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The New York Times’ Biased Obituary of Fidel Castro
Matt Peppe | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Dec 2016

After Fidel Castro passed away Friday [25 Nov] night at 90 years old, the obituaries written about him in the American press typified the U.S. government propaganda used for decades to demonize Castro and obscure the tremendous social and humanitarian advances that the Cuban Revolution was able to achieve in the face of unrelenting interference, subversion and destabilization.

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The NFL’s Anarchist Success Story
Matt Peppe, Just the Facts – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Feb 2015

The Green Bay Packers prove that there is no reason for private ownership of sports teams. They are essentially an anarchist organization. Everybody involved has a stake. No one’s voice is dominant. The Packers model closely resembles anarcho-syndicalism, an anarchist theory concerned with workers’ freedom from exploitative labor conditions.

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Israel’s Worst Fear: A Political Settlement
Matt Peppe - CounterPunch, 1 Dec 2014

If Israel cared about stopping violence and protecting its population, it would end the occupation and accept a political settlement. Instead it is exploiting the violence to tighten its control of the West Bank and Gaza and crush Palestinian aspirations for an end to the 66-year dispossession and conquest.

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