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New Secretive Deal between UN, Myanmar Smells Foul
Maung Zarni and Natalie Brinham - Andalou Post [Turkey], 20 Jun 2018

Newly-organized UN in Myanmar has shelved organization’s own governing principles of transparency and inclusivity, as evidenced by freshly-inked MOU with Myanmar.

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Waves of Genocidal Terror against Rohingyas by Myanmar and the Resultant Exodus Since 1978
Maung Zarni and Natalie Brinham | Middle East Institute – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Nov 2017

14 Nov 2017 – This essay aims to highlight the scope and rhythmic nature of Burma’s persecution of Rohingyas and the devastating impact on the Rohingya population. First, it sets out to describe and help readers understand the evolving pretexts given by the successive Burmese governments and the methods of group destruction and resultant waves — five in total — of the outflow of Rohingyas in large number. Then it attempts to offer an interpretive framework within which this cycle of violence-exodus-lull is best understood.

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