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U.S. Hegemony: At War with China’s Global Security Initiative
Moon of Alabama - TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

24 Feb 2023 – Over the last week China released a flurry of papers and statements accusing the U.S. of hegemony while contrasting it with China’s peace initiatives. As ‘western’ media rarely communicate what the Chinese say I find it necessary to give the Chinese standpoint some extended space.

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Many Civilian Airplanes Hijacked by States before Lukashenko’s
Petri Krohn | Moon of Alabama – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 May 2021

24 May 2021 – While the incident unfolded yesterday I amused myself with reading the know-nothing responses from several European prime ministers and officials.

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Venezuela – Guaidó Planned to Use Arms – Frustration over Stalemate Sets In
Bernhardt Horstmann | Moon of Alabama – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Mar 2019

6 Mar 2019 – New reports about the U.S. coup attempt in Venezuela describe the current mood in Washington as ‘frustration’. They also shine new light on why of the opposition’s plans failed.

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