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The CIA in Latin America: From Coups to Torture and Preemptive Killings
Nil Nikandrov – Strategic Culture Foundation, 16 Mar 2015

At least 500 reinforcements have arrived [until January 2015] at the US Embassy and other US headquarters in South America in order to help the other operatives escalate their subversive and espionage activities. Those agents are focusing on countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Cuba.

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Nil Nikandrov, 28 Jul 2009

-Discussions in George Bush’s team revolved around the timing of the coup. One option under consideration was to synchronize it with Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia in order to demonstrate US assertiveness over all azimuths, but the idea was found too extreme even by the staunchest hawks given the upcoming elections in the US. -The […]

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