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Odyssey Dawn and the Need for Athena
Paul D. Scott – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Apr 2011

“More often than not, when analysts assess African security issues, they do so with a voice reminiscent of the British Colonial Office in the eighteenth century—paternalistic and unaware.” This paternalism continues as conflicts in the region are poorly mapped and/or viewed through lenses that can only be turned one-way.

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Xiaobo – An Awarded Justly Won
Paul D. Scott – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Oct 2010

All of us working with civil society and democratization groups in Asia expected that Liu Xiaobo would be awarded the prize last year. We are overjoyed that he was awarded it this year. That China branded and condemned Liu as a criminal and denounced the Nobel prize Committee speaks volumes.

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Paul D. Scott in Kyoto, 6 Dec 2009

"This is not the prior days when people would come on your show and talk about how we were going to help the Afghans build a modern democracy and build a more functioning state and do all these wonderful things," she asserted.  "Our primary focus is on the security of the United States of America" […]

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