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Clever, Clever – Was the Ukraine Coup America’s Main Event at the Sochi Olympics?
Peter Lee - CounterPunch, 3 Mar 2014

Clever, clever America, if this was the case. Because an alternate possibility is that the United States did it for revenge, to punish Putin for not going along with the US program on Syria.

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U.S. Signs off on Japanese Collective Self Defense
Peter Lee – International Policy Digest, 17 Feb 2014

Abe looks to implement collective self defense by asserting the government’s right to repurpose the provisions of the pacifist constitution without formal revision or reinterpretation, but through a simple statement by the Cabinet. US supporters have been cheering him on in this awkward process, like anxious soccer parents on the sidelines trying to will a clumsy toddler into nudging the ball into an empty net.

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A Genuine Tragedy Unfolds: Bahrain and Saudi Arabia’s Rulers Goose-Step to the Brink of the Abyss
Peter Lee - Counterpunch, 11 Apr 2011

While we are diverted by the opera-bouffe spectacle of the civil war in Libya’s desert, a genuine tragedy—and potential geopolitical trainwreck—is unfolding in Bahrain.

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