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It’s Time to Prioritise the Global Sharing Economy
Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons – TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Oct 2012

As the widespread mobilisation of people power in 2011 demonstrated, only a united people’s voice is stronger than the private interests that obstruct progressive change from taking place. The responsibility for change rests with us – ordinary, engaged citizens – to forge a worldwide popular movement that upholds and strengthens the sharing economy in all its forms.

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The Silent Humanitarian Crises beyond East Africa
Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons – Share the World’s Resources, 25 Jul 2011

The international response to the East African crisis is far short of urgent needs, yet the extreme deprivation being reported is only the tip of the iceberg. A massively upscaled redistribution of resources from North to South is needed if we are to prevent needless poverty-related deaths worldwide, write Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons.

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