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A Simple Way to Understand What’s Happening … and What to Do
Richard Heinberg | Post Carbon Institute - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Jan 2021

Energy is necessary in order for any organism to do anything whatsoever. For humans, food is energy that powers labor. But, in addition, people long ago learned how to harness energy from fire, water, and wind. Using firewood, paddle wheels, and sails, we built agrarian societies with irrigation systems, cities, cathedrals, mills, and seagoing ships, and created some pretty great art, music, and literature along the way.

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TPP: Poison for Local Community Resilience
Richard Heinberg – Common Dreams, 20 Jan 2014

If a city, county, or state were to ban fracking within its jurisdiction, oil companies could overturn the ban and sue for millions of dollars in lost profits. Want to label GM foods? Sorry, that’s a barrier to trade. Want local schools to buy healthy food from local farmers? Nope, that might violate the rights of Big Ag. Want to protect a forest? Stand aside, you’re in the way of profits.

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Peak Oil: A Chance to Change the World
Richard Heinberg – Yes! Magazine, 8 Aug 2011

For advice about life after graduation, students at Worcester Polytechnic wanted to hear from peak oil scholar Richard Heinberg instead of Exxon’s CEO. Here’s what he told them.

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