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Prigozhin’s Folly
Seymour Hersh - TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Jul 2023

29 Jun 2023 – The Russian ‘Revolt’ That Wasn’t Strengthens Putin’s Hand

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Hersh: US Bombed Nord Stream to Prolong the Ukraine Proxy War
Aaron Maté interviews Seymour Hersh | The Grayzone - TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Mar 2023

3 Mar 2023 – Seymour Hersh joins Aaron Maté to discuss his report on how the Biden administration bombed the Nord Stream gas pipelines, a vital Russian-German infrastructure project and a key off-ramp to peace in Ukraine.

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Despite Intelligence Rejecting Iran Nuclear Threat, US May Be Headed for Iraq Redux (VIDEO OF THE WEEK)
Seymour Hersh – Democracy NOW!, 6 Jun 2011

Democracy Now! interviews Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh about his latest article for the New Yorker magazine, “Iran and the Bomb: How Real is the Nuclear Threat?”, in which he reports that the United States might attack Iran based on distorted estimates of Iran’s nuclear and military threat—just like it did with Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq.

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