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The Coup We Are Not Talking About
Shoshana Zuboff | The New York Times - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Feb 2021

29 Jan 2021 – We can have democracy, or we can have a surveillance society, but we cannot have both.

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The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism
Naomi Klein and Shoshana Zuboff -The Intercept, 1 Apr 2019

1 Mar 2019 – Join The Intercept’s Naomi Klein and Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff for an engaging discussion about the unprecedented form of power called “surveillance capitalism” and the quest by corporations to predict and control our behavior.

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Shoshana Zuboff, 22 Mar 2009

By refusing to consider the consequences of their actions, those who created the financial crisis exemplify the banality of evil. The financiers at AIG were awarded millions in bonuses because their contracts were based on the transactions they completed, not the consequences of those transactions. A 32-year-old mortgage broker told me: "I figured my job […]

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