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Gandhi: The First Peace Journalist
Steven Youngblood | The Peace Journalist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Feb 2020

6 Feb 2020 – When asked to describe Mahatma Gandhi, most would say he was an Indian independence leader, human rights defender, and spiritual guide. However, “People don’t think of him as a journalist” even though “he was a journalist from an early age, and died as a journalist.”

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Project Brings Peace Journalism to Uganda
Steven Youngblood, Peace Portal – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Mar 2012

As I taught Peace Journalism in Uganda for five weeks in 2009, I kept hearing from the journalists in my seminars that they liked and needed what I was teaching. However, they emphasized that Uganda needed many more peace journalism lessons. At their urging we put together a proposal for a comprehensive Peace, Development, and Electoral Journalism project for 2010-2011. It’s our hope that this model can replicated elsewhere, since it proved to be such a powerful tool for peace and reconciliation in Uganda.

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