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Smartphones Have You Pegged, and for Better or Worse They’ll Soon ID You
Tim Johnson | McClatchy DC – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Mar 2017

Your smartphone now gathers more information about you than you probably realize. “We can tell what floor of a building you’re on. We can tell if you are inside or outside of a building,” Whaley said. “Just with a few seconds of your walking data, from your phone sitting in your pocket, we can actually identify you based on that.”

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Update Your iPhone or iPad: Israeli Cyber-Spy Firm Can Hack You
Tim Johnson | McClatchy – Honolulu Star Bulletin & Advertiser, 29 Aug 2016

The much-talked-about hack that would allow governments to spy on your every move through your iPhone and iPad has become reality. Apple issued a security update for those devices Thursday [25 Aug] after researchers discovered spyware that allows remote operators to intercept all voice and data communications and pass along every photograph and video. The infection turns iPhone into a pocket undercover spy capable of employing iPhone’s camera and microphone to eavesdrop on activity in the vicinity of the device, recording WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps and tracking movements.

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U.S. Apologizes for ‘Abhorrent’ Guatemala Syphilis Study in 1940s
Tim Johnson - McClatchy Newspapers, 4 Oct 2010

Exposing a dark page in its history, the U.S. government acknowledged Friday [1 Oct 2010] that government scientists had infected some 1,500 Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea in experiments from 1946 to 1948 in “appalling violations” of medical ethics. U.S. scientists infected prostitutes with syphilis or gonorrhea and sent them to have unprotected sex with soldiers or prison inmates, later testing them for possible cures, U.S. officials said. When few became infected, scientists turned to patients at a mental health hospital, exposing them to infection by rubbing it on their genitals. None of the subjects were informed about the study or offered consent, U.S. officials said. At least one patient is known to have died.

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