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Are You Man Enough To Go Vegan?
Victoria Martindale – The Independent, 12 Nov 2012

As we enter World Vegan Month it’s time to reconsider the vegan stereotype. Admittedly, veganism has been given a bad name over the years, it’s very mention conjuring up images of pale hirsute hippies who zip about on their bikes to spread the love. I remember the only vegan on my course (and quite probably in the whole university) turned up at our graduation ball dressed in sackcloth and sandals.

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What’s So Scary About a Vegetarian Future?
Dr Victoria Martindale – The Independent, 17 Sep 2012

Scientists predict that global diets will need to change dramatically within the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic food shortages. That almighty bastion of meat culture, McDonalds, has taken heed and spearheaded plans to open vegetarian restaurants in India. OK, McDonalds’s may well be crappy junk food but there will always be people who eat it and at least now it will be crappy vegetarian junk food. And as Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut follow its example people will soon be eating vegetarian crap everywhere. But hey, whether it’s a Maccy D’s veggie burger, artificial meat grown in a lab or local seasonal vegetables – it’s got to be good news.

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