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Cuba’s Worsening Food Crisis Means US Blockade Must End Now, Not Later
W.T. Whitney Jr. | CounterPunch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Aug 2023

“It is time for all of us, in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, to intensify the struggle against the U.S. blockade and mobilize international cooperation with the island that dared to conquer its independence and sovereignty against the most powerful and genocidal empire in the history of mankind.” — Frei Betto

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UN Forcefully Hits at US Blockade of Cuba and Prison in Guantanamo
W.T. Whitney Jr. | CounterPunch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jul 2023

5 Jul 2023 – The United Nations put forth a denunciation that carries unusual force because of its legal authority and practical experience in Cuba. Internal criticism of U.S. policies on Cuba is brushed aside due to the low priority Washington officials assign to Cuban affairs.

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