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Doublespeak – Unpleasant Reckoning Looming for America’s Current Syrian Strategy
Prof. William R. Stanley – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Dec 2014

Washington and its European allies have known for at least three years of the flow of their nationals to the Middle East to join jihadist groups fighting against the Syrian regime. Only recently have these same governments expressed alarm at the prospects for domestic violence at such time that battle hardened jihadists return home.

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Middle East Turmoil and the Disintegration of a Nation State
Prof. William R. Stanley – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Feb 2014

What is taking place i is no longer only the response of disaffected Syrians endeavoring to change their country’s leadership. More and more, it is an international effort to disassemble the Syrian state as presently exists and to continue a process that had its seeds in the 1953 Anglo-American orchestrated overthrow of PM Mohammad Mosaddeq of Iran.

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