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Transparency International: Mideast and North African Military Corruption “Critical”
Yasmine Ryan – The Intercept, 2 Nov 2015

29 Oct 2015 – Western nations, primarily the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and Russia, have helped increase corruption among Middle Eastern and North African states by selling them vast quantities of weapons with little oversight. “Corruption is endemic within the arms trade, and that’s because of the individuals and companies involved.”

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Algerian Dissident Silenced By France
Yasmine Ryan – Al Jazeera, 26 Mar 2012

The arrest by French authorities of Mourad Dhina, one of the most vocal critics of Algeria’s administration, underscores just how little has changed in the North African country.
[TMS Editor’s Note: Dr. Mourad Dhina and RACHAD TV are close associates of TRANSCEND, of which Dr. Abbas Aroua is the Convener for the Arab World. Prof. Johan Galtung has granted many interviews to RACHAD TV over the years. He and TRANSCEND would never get involved with terrorists. Such accusations against Dr. Dhina are ludicrous. Please see Prof. Galtung’s Feb 6, 2012 TMS Editorial about Dr. Dhina HERE –Antonio C. S. Rosa]

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From the Arab Spring to Liverpool?
Yasmine Ryan – Al Jazeera, 15 Aug 2011

The UK riots have unique roots, but British youths’ alienation is similar to the disenfranchisement behind Arab revolts. “These are children who have no purpose. Society does not seem to see them as a significant enough group to invest in.” — Malik Al-Nasir, a poet and social commentator from Liverpool

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Anonymous and the Arab Uprisings
Yasmine Ryan – Al Jazeera, 23 May 2011

The cyberactivists discuss their work and the broader global push for freedom of speech and freedom from oppression – Anonymous’s rapid rise from the depths of geekdom to becoming a catalyst and nerve centre for real-life revolutionaries is one that has taken even some of its own members by surprise. The loosely-knit hive brings anonymous techies, hackers and, increasingly, activists together under a single appellation, united in their non-violent but often illegal collective action.

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