Audio Podcast Interview with Johan Galtung

TRANSCEND News, 16 Aug 2010

Panopticon Podcast – TRANSCEND Media Service

Prof. Galtung discusses the fall of the US empire, its wars, conflict resolution, and more.


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One Response to “Audio Podcast Interview with Johan Galtung”

  1. william kanigan says:

    Hello, I sent this to my son here is his reply.

    Hi pop

    really interesting… i think there are some definite trends he’s talking about that are correct. I do think the US is in decline, and i don’t think there’s much that’s going to change that. I don’t think that things will get as violent as he says internally in the US, but who knows, it might. The trend to the extreme right in the US right now is pretty scary, because they don’t seem to care much about facts as their “principles” which leads to scary policies and isolationism. If that “tea party” gains power in the next two elections in the US i think that definitely signals the beginning of the end for the US empire. The US has no chance of going against China either, so the “might is right” attitude is not going to work anymore for them.

    The senior political culture is not collaborative (i dont think US goes in to a negotiation thinking “win-win”) and I don’t see anything changing there, even with Obama.

    So, yes i think in general this guy is right. There will have to be a massive shift away from the current thinking. There’s so much extremism and debt there though I don’t see how thats going to happen without a major crash with the way things run there now.

    What’s good for Canada though is we are much more open to international collaborations – e.g., Im happy that the conservatives have been pushing for more Chinese tourism because that kind of thing will lead to more business relations, and we have great ties to India, so i think Canada will be able to shift reliance on the US economy much more easily than the US will be able to.

    that’s my 2 cents