Organized Crime ‘Industry’ Gone Mainstream Worldwide

IN-DEPTH VIDEOS, 23 May 2011

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Misha Glenny Investigates Global Crime Networks

While covering the Central Europe beat for the Guardian and the BBC, journalist Misha Glenny wrote several acclaimed books on the fall of Yugoslavia and the rise of the Balkan nations. Glenny spent several years in a courageous investigation of organized crime networks worldwide. From the Russian mafia, to giant drug cartels, his sources include not just intelligence and law enforcement officials but criminal insiders.

His book, McMafia, is an exhaustive look at an unseen industry that Glenny believes may account for 15% of the world’s GDP. Legal society ignores this world at its peril, but Glenny suggests that conventional law enforcement might not be able to combat a problem whose roots lie in global instability. He’s researching a new book on cybercrime.


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