Thirteen Reasons Why We Do Not Want the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project


S. P. Udayakumar – TRANSCEND Media Service

We have been opposing the [Indian] Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) ever since it was conceived in the mid-1980s. The people of Koodankulam village themselves were misled by false promises such as 10,000 jobs, water from Pechiparai dam in Kanyakumari district, and fantastic development of the region. We tried in vain to tell them that they were being deceived. Without any local support, we could not sustain the anti-Koodankulam movement for too long.

Now the people of Koodankulam know and understand that this is not just a fisherfolk’s problem, they may be displaced, and they have to deal with radioactive poison. Their joining the movement in 2007 has invigorated the campaign now. And (almost) all of us here in the southernmost tip of India oppose the Koodankulam NPP for a few specific reasons:

[1] The KKNPP reactors are being set up without sharing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Site Evaluation Study and Safety Analysis Report with the people, or the people’s representatives or the press. No public hearing has been conducted for the first two reactors either. There is absolutely no democratic decision-making in or public approval for this project.

[2] The Tamil Nadu Government G.O. 828 (29.4.1991 – Public Works Department) establishes clearly that “area between 2 to 5 km radius around the plant site, [would be] called the sterilization zone.” This means that people in this area could be displaced. But the KKNPP authorities promise orally and on a purely adhoc basis that nobody from the neighboring villages would be displaced. This kind of adhocism and doublespeak causes suspicion and fears of displacement.

[3] More than 1 million people live within the 30 km radius of the KKNPP which far exceeds the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) stipulations. It is quite impossible to evacuate this many people quickly and efficiently in case of a nuclear disaster at Koodankulam.

[4] The coolant water and low-grade waste from the KKNPP are going to be dumped in to the sea which will have a severe impact on fish production and catch. This will undermine the fishing industry, push the fisherfolks into deeper poverty and misery and affect the food security of the entire southern Tamil Nadu and southern Kerala.

[5] Even when the KKNPP projects function normally without any incidents and accidents, they would be emitting Iodine 131, 132, 133, Cesium 134, 136, 137 isotopes, strontium, tritium, tellurium and other such radioactive particles into our air, land, crops, cattle, sea, seafood and ground water. Already the southern coastal belt is sinking with very high incidence of cancer, mental retardation, down syndrome, defective births due to private and government sea-sand mining for rare minerals including thorium. The KKNPP will add many more woes to our already suffering people.

[6] The quality of construction and the pipe work and the overall integrity of the KKNPP structures have been called into question by the very workers and contractors who work there in Koodankulam. There have been international concerns about the design, structure and workings of the untested Russian-made VVER-1000 reactors.

[7] The then Minister of State in the Ministry of Environment and Forest Mr. Jairam Ramesh announced a few months ago that the central government had decided not to give permission to KKNPP 3-6 as they were violating the Coastal Regulation Zone stipulations. It is pertinent to ask if KKNPP 1 and 2 are not violating the CRZ terms.

[8] Many political leaders and bureaucrats try to reassure us that there would be no natural disasters in the Koodankulam area. How can they know? How can anyone ever know? The 2004 December tsunami did flood the KKNPP installations. There was a mild tremor in the surrounding villages of Koodankulam on March 19, 2006. On August 12, 2011, there were tremors in 7 districts of Tamil Nadu.

[9] Indian Prime Minster himself has spoken about terrorist threats to India’s nuclear power plants. Most recently, on August 17, 2001, Minister of State for Home, Mr. Mullappally Ramachandran said: “the atomic establishments continue to remain prime targets of the terrorist groups and outfits.”

[10] The important issue of liability for the Russian plants has not been settled yet. Defying the Indian nuclear liability law, Russia insists that the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA), secretly signed in 2008 by the Indian and Russian governments, precedes the liability law and that Article 13 of the IGA clearly establishes that NPCIL is solely responsible for all claims of damages.

[11] In 1988 the authorities said that the cost estimate of the Koodakulam 1 and 2 projects was Rs. 6,000 crores. In November 1998, they said the project cost would be Rs. 15,500. In 2001, the ministerial group for economic affairs announced that the project cost would be Rs. 13,171 crores and the Indian government would invest Rs. 6,775 crores with the remainder amount coming in as Russian loan with 4 percent interest. The fuel cost was estimated to be Rs. 2,129 crores which would be entirely Russian loan. No one knows the 2011 figures of any of these expenses. No one cares to tell the Indian public either.

[12] The March 11, 2011 disaster in Fukushima has made it all too clear to the whole world that nuclear power plants are prone to natural disasters and no one can really predict their occurrence. When we cannot effectively deal with a nuclear disaster, it is only prudent to prevent it from occurring. Even the most industrialized and highly advanced country such as Germany has decided to phase out their nuclear power plants by the year 2022. Switzerland has decided to shun nuclear power technology. In a recent referendum, some 90 percent of Italians have voted against nuclear power in their country. Many Japanese prefectures and their governors are closing nuclear power plants in their regions. Both the United States and Russia have not built a new reactor in their countries for 2-3 decades ever since major accidents occurred at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

In our own country, Mamta Banerjee government in West Bengal has stopped the Russian nuclear power park project at Haripur in Purba Medhinipur district and taken a position that they do want any nuclear power project in their state. Similarly, the people of Kerala have decided not to host any nuclear power project in their state.

[13] And finally, the Indian government’s mindless insistence on nuclear power, utmost secrecy in all of its nuclear agreements and activities, and its sheer unwillingness to listen to the people’s concerns and fears make us very doubtful about the real benefactors of all this nuclear hoopla. Is it all for us, the people of India? Or for the corporate profits of the Russian, American and French companies? Or for the Indian military? Are the lives and futures of the Indian citizens inferior to all these?

S.P. Udayakumar, Ph.D. – Tamil Nadu, India:

* South Asian Community Center for Education and Research (SACCER)
* TRANSCEND Network, South Asia Convener (TSA) (For Rethinking South Asia)
* People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
* National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM) (For a Nuclear-Free India that has No Deals, No Mines, No Reactors, No Dumps, and No Bombs)

This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 29 Aug 2011.

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130 Responses to “Thirteen Reasons Why We Do Not Want the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project”

  1. K Kumar says:

    10 Nuclear Power Plants have been Planned in Koodankulam. 1 plant has been completed. Another 1plant work has started. So totally these 2 plant only can be allowed in Koodankulam. The other planned Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants can be shifted 2 each to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. For example in states many available lakes or artificial lakes created slight diversion of Rivers are available in Uninhabited/Less Inhabitated Areas and many Inland Nuclear Power Plants can be established in these states like USSR, USA, Europe, Rajasthan etc. Also 80 to 90 % Power should be given to these respective states where Nuclear power is generated, since they take the risk of Nuclear Problems. Also the People residing around say 20 to 30 Kms should be given Minimum Rs.1 Crore for rehabilitation (House, Employment etc) for Ordinary workers and Many amount more for those who have more properties.

    • T.Vella durai says:


      I am a student 1988 Aditanar college,that time is initialized period of Koodamkulam project,Most of the students and public’s are object the project and we are struggle in Madduthavani at present bustand but the Government of India (Ra-jive Gandhi) period and the Tiruchendur MP Aditan are fully against the struggler.

      After reaching and changes of Government of India our Prime Minister Mr. V.P.Singh and CM Mr. Karunanidhi handled very smoothly and they are not considered that project.Whenever the Government of Indra Congress stand further,the project started. Now it will on critical stage. Who will win,definitely God help to poor people.

      Nuclear is a name of Human E racer. In global war nuclear called Human Eraser.

      • Vishnu says:

        Hi T.Vella durai,

        You know one thing, all the things around you emites radiation.

        Let that be TV, Mobiles, Sunlight, Computer, Lap, Tablets…are you avoiding them ?

        Most of the urgent power needs will be met by this plant and when all the power needs are met then like developed countries India will also shut down its plants :)

  2. Parthiban.M says:

    Sir, I’ll support you…….

  3. babu says:

    It is a questionalble whether atomic power stations are safe. Anyhow those people who living surround the atomic power stations will take more risk of their life. Most of the atomic power stations are located where poor people living. Rich and poor who will win. sorry. we are not the persons to check to any scholars decide is correct. but we think for logic. logic never fails. we love india and its people. jai hind.

    • Dr. Harisankar says:

      Is it ok if we demolish LIC building in mount road and build a nuclear reactor there?
      Why are engineering colleges built outside cities and in barren areas? Do they emit radiation?

    • Vishnu says:

      Hi Babu,

      All the power plants are built in remote areas.

      Its not it is built automatically and starts functioning by itself.

      The engineers work there are India’s best and they are into this job after scoring high marks in GATE and other top examination.
      I have tired these exams many times and failed.

      These enginners work there day and night and stay just 5-10Kms from the N-Plant.

      They build it, if its so risky why the hell they opt to stay so near to this plant ?

      Come and check out how the local areas has been developed so far because of this N-Plant and post comments !!

  4. ajith says:

    We support you sir…Keep your struggle live. Atomic power plants are always a threat to human beings. Not sure why government is so keen on opening such plants.

    • vasanth says:

      Thank U Mr. Ajith for your support. Koodangulam is of no use to Tamil Nadu. Already leaders of Tamil Nadu failed to get power from Neyveli. Then how they will try to get power from Koodangulam. In 1976 Philippines decided construct a Nuclear power plant. During the time of comminssioning in 1979 after the Three mile Island accident(USA) the philippine goverment ordered an enquiry about safety and revealed 4000 defects which was certified safe to operate by American Nuclear scientist and IAEA. Now it is made as Tourist spot and educational purpose. The americans hided the accident, The russians initially hided the Chernobyl and announced after one month only, The japanese hided the fukshima disaster. Then you think of Indian congress government. They will just say foreign sabotage and will try to escape responsibility. In fact KKNPP is the ticking time bomb.

  5. G.Loganathan says:

    1) When we travel by Diesel operated Bus the Exhaust emit carbon monoxide is causing Cancer & lot of women children are suffering right now. Tell me Mr.Udayakumar why do you choose your travel by diesel locomotive operated railway?
    2) When farmers using Uriah for rise plant, you knew it is creating starting from skin disease to heart problem. Tell me Mr.Udayakumar will you stop eating?.
    3) Oil burned Thermal power station emitting more carbon monoxide more than any electricity producing machine.
    Every step In our life There are risks involved.
    Could you tell me Mr.Udayakumar, How can I run my
    metal processing Industry. How to feed Three hundred workers (Means 300 family).
    While you & your friends running your life just only protesting. May be the mighty lord is pouring money from heaven?. Pls, come to reality.

    • sehar sagar says:

      Dear “Mr”. “Dr”. “All you know”. Harishankar…..

      I want to you to understand that reason behind ‘earlier 2 hour and 8-10 hour powercut’ is due to improper maintenance of the boilers in the power plant and continuous careless procedures taken in running the plant without maintenence due to our Dear “chief scientist” and “tamilian archemedes” and power minister mr.Arcot veerasaami… please understand and then speak……

      • Vishnu says:

        Hi Sehar Sagar,

        Nice info, but if these boilers are up and running, only the Cities and Towns will meet the power needs.
        Tamilnadu has a shortage for 7100MW.

        This cant be met immediatly by a Wind energy !!

        This plant is under construction for past 10-12 yrs, why your leader has not come with an alternative in this span and shouting now unnecessary when all work is done ?

        Don’t think that he has no funds, it’s that he has no proper ideas for any alternative for this!!

        He has enough funds for the strikes he is undertaking and for the poor fishermen families participating in these strikes. He could have used that money for betterment of these people by finding out an alternative and more Green than this plant in that span of 10yrs.
        Why didn’t he ?

    • Charles says:

      Mr. Loganathan.. your concerns are on the right track. But the fact is you are not conerned about the people bordering the KKNP.
      You wana feed your 300 workers sacrificing the lives and livelihood of the 10 million people around the 30 adjacent to KKNP???
      Will you shelter them in your house in case of a disaster.. I’m sure you are not the voice of people in Kanyakumari atleast. Because most of us are happy atleast to know that some1 is working for the safety concerns of the community.
      Take care buddy… please thin right…:)

      • Sunny says:

        There definitely are not 10 million people in 30 sq km. Stop pulling facts out of your butt hole

      • Santhosh says:

        10 million people in 30 sq kms??!? LOL!!!
        That means there will be a person standing after every 2-3 meters. No space for buildings, trees, roads, etc.. :D :D
        Get a life man. The entire protest is based on bullshit like this.

    • vasanth says:

      Pls read Wikipaedia for Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project. If one says S.P. Udayakumar getting money from NGO’s why can’t he protest against Kalpakkam nuclear power plant. If Mamta bannerji didn’t allow Tata Nano in West Bengal why the congress didn’t say that she is getting money from NGO to prevent Tata Nano. The total power to be produced by KKNPP is 9200 MW. Central minister NarayanaSwami says only 1000 MW will be given to Tamil Nadu. What about the remaining 8000 MW. It is taken to Sri Lanka and other states. OK If 1000 MW is enough for Tamil Nadu after few years again there will be power problem will they give the power to Tamil Nadu from that 8000 MW. Definitely NO!. Already we lost Neyveli. By giving freebies to people of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi came to power. Now people suffering for their mistakes. LET THEM SUFFER. If koodangulam is closed and shifted to other cities in Tamil Nadu what is the surity that the people residing in these cities will not protest. Congress people getting money from Sri Lanka to support the KKNPP. People of Tamil nadu must Wake up If they didn’t do that then It will be TOO LATE.

  6. hareesh says:

    Do you have any scientific backing to all your claims ? Also your population figure seems a little bloated.

  7. Rodnix says:

    Please cite sources to all or ANY of your claims.

    In the same sense as you have commented on the joint effort of the Indian Govt. In the progress of our Great Nation.

    I want to know YOUR credentials into analyzing ANY of the facts that you have mentioned above.

    Please see the number of nuclear power plants in India.

    Now see the number of power plants in Japan.

    In all ill effect and AFTER a COMPLETE Catastrophe in Japan. They are building more reactors.

    We on the other hand have mislead protests.

    I will join this protest if you give me the facts from a reliable source.

    A man of Science.
    NOT a man of POLITICS.

  8. Powerstar says:

    Sir, with no due respect,

    you are the biggest douchebag ever.

  9. Panchapakesan V says:

    You’re moron of the first order Dr. (English + Political science), who is just looking for $. You make yourself look so obvious (running for few green bucks) at the cost of those poor villagers, who don’t realise that they stand to gain.
    Have you ever seen the any state EB transformers, which has open terminals of high current/voltage all exposed? Is it also not as life threatening or you say one odd life can go but apocalyptic one is more dangerous? Walk on any Indian street, isn’t any dangerous with no one obeying the law? Have you taken up those cause. No, it doesn’t get you big $. You wouldn’t.
    Like of you should be deported to Antartic..believe me.

  10. Sri says:

    I cannot believe you will write this without citing any scientific source at all. Is this how your PhD dissertation was done in the univ. of Hawii… did you just walk in and talk for an hr and get the doctorate?

    Your quoting Mamta Banerjee as an example is pathetic… WB is already lagging far, far behind other states in development and she will only push it further down because she is a brainless twit who panders to lowest common denominator. The people who she claims to represent know very little about how ill-served they are by her policy decisions – just like the people at Koodankulam who are being (mis)lead by you!

    Terrorist threats is another of your argument? Do you know that there have been more terrorist attacks on temples in india than on nuclear plants.. should we shut down temples or stop going to them? When will you learn to STAND UP against the terrorist threats rather than just COW DOWN and stop progress because of their threats? Is this how a democratic country will react to terrorist threats?

    And your point #13 is pathetic and sad and even antinational. You make the “Indian Military” as a reason for the plant… separated from the Indian Citizens? The communist ideology that you all pathetic losers claim to represent is hardly present in teh current Mother of all communist nations… China has 50 nuclear plants and growing… so, give up this charade and come back to reality “Dr” Udhaykumar.

    • Dr. Harisankar says:

      I mean, look at this guy.. He wants TN to follow WB. West bengal has 2 lac crores debt. All the revenue that WB generates (20000 crore) is being used for debt repayment (21000 crores). (This figure was quoted by Mamata banarjee herself in NDTV).

      My Udayakumar, have you ever been to BARC mumbai.. That reactor is sitting right in the heart of Mumbai.. Kudankulam doesnt have so much population density or business as mumbai..

    • abdul says:

      hello mr sri first find out the difference b/w temples and nuclear plant… it’s not same.. if the terrorist attack the nuclear plant no one can live world…. the radiation will affect all the people..if u having any doubt please know about hirosima attack….and nuclear plant bursted in russia…. if u know about this you did’nt talk about this…………………………..

  11. sandeep says:

    hi all in the opposition of this power plant please read this article…

    • vasanth says:

      This article seems to be copied by Kaipullai from other article. 1) Kaipullai is not a Nuclear engineer to explain this. So his comments are not valid.
      2) Kaipullai is residing in a foreign country so he will comment as he likes.
      3) Kaipullai is an agent of Sri Lanka.

  12. TheLastStraw says:

    Dear Mr. … sorry, Dr. Udaykumar. Do you have even the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. All I see random ramblings and fear-mongering. Please stick to reading out prose to fourth graders.

    and about its secrecy… Now why would you want the government giving you the blueprint to a nuclear facility? Are you planning to sell it to a terrorist organization? Are you part of one?

  13. indian says:

    ram ,well said !!
    those who support this so called “dr” udayakumar….
    please, grow up !!
    with no scientific credentials this guy just simply wants to shutdown the whole plant… ridiculous !!
    look out this guy !!… I mean he points out mamtha and Kerala government as example… they are the bad examples one could point out !!
    and for those ppl,out there,who still wants to support this jerk,all i can say is -pathetic !!
    god save tamilnadu !!!
    and for those who have a hesitant say…
    want to know whatz happening … check out the below link

    • vasanth says:

      For explaining this protest no one need to be a scientist. Only common sense is enough. May be you don’t have common sens.

  14. Aditya Shama says:

    A Pathetic attempt to get attention when Nuclear Energy is by far the safest and one of the most regulated industries the world over. We are a growing nation which needs energy from this and every single source available, please dont be a moron and spoil the fun for all of us. We need electricity to write this comment from our laptops.

  15. Ram says:

    Oh my god…These kind of crap can happen only in India. We pay tax for the development of our country and a very few people out there in the Parliament launch such good projects and these “Doctors” from some exotic third graded universities talk about nuclear plant. I wish I can say a few “parliamentary” words to you Dr.Genius.

    Each and everyone out here are a threat for everyone of us and risk is everywhere. There is no standard in anything in this country. I used to wonder why all these oldies start with any sentence, “in those days…
    “, but it is actually true. Standard of people have just stooped so low. As low as we have Accu puncture doctors like G.Srinivasan proclaiming himself as a “Dr”. Boy Udhay…get a life and wait…my UPS power is lost…no power here da udhay. please da…quit the nonsense that you are doing da..

  16. Dr. Harisankar says:

    I am MD in nuclear medicine (a branch of medicine which exclusively deals with radioactive elements) educated at PGIMER Chandigarh, one of the world renowned teaching hospital.

    This guy seems to have no idea about what is radioactivity.
    I deal with radio-isotopes everyday (inluding the Iodine 131 he has quoted). The regulatory requirements for Atomic energy regulatory board is very stringent that i can’t dispose even 1mCi of iodine 131 (this quantity is unlikely to cause any health effect) into the environment.
    A nuclear power plant will produce all the isotopes he has listed. However, they are not just disposed off into the atmosphere. Infact, these radio-isotopes will never be disposed unless there is a disaster.

    Please dont believe in this guy. He has no scientific knowledge. Dont waste your time and energy.

  17. Deepak Chalam says:

    Dear Dr. Udaykumar,

    Given that you fine gentlemen and ladies of Idinthakarai have been enjoying the power generated at Kalpakkam, putting residents of Chennai / Kalpakkam at great risk (as is apparent from your article), perhaps you should request the Electricity Board to turn off all power in your area. Why live off the trouble being caused to others?

    What say you?

    • Rajesh says:

      Dear Deepak,

      I am planning to build a good house very near to the Plant.
      I will offer it to you and your family at free of cost in case you feel it is 100% safe.

      Conditions apply:
      Your family have to live here.


      • Puneet says:

        Dear Mr. Rajesh,
        Please consider it a deal done. Your house in the area – free of cost…

        We need more people like you. God, I wish there was a Rajesh in Tarapur… I’d have been a millionaire by now…

  18. Aswin M says:

    Go read this, you all mindless citizens of India.

    Is this particular guy leading the protest(a Ph.D in literature) better than the scientists?

  19. Rajesh says:

    Same scientists only responsible for devas antrix deal (tried to cheat one lakh crore Rupee).
    Can Abdul Kalam explain about this voluntarily like Kudankulam?

  20. Pranjal Singh says:

    Why dont u read this?? This will clear ur deluded mind

  21. Ravi says:

    KK is being located in the mid point of three seas and fishermen area with low population .NPCIL has chosen this area as it will have the slip for flooding ,Storm etc and will head towards either west Bengal through chennai,AP and Orissa and through Kerala,Mangalore and Gujarat.Kanyakaumari Being a triangle slipping point will have the advantage of escaping from flood breaching and direct wave attacks and hence NPCIL has chosen this site for such large capacity .If we want to really avoid the accidents, we will have to stop all fossil fuels and depend on Solar,Water,Wind based projects and invest ourselves for Power. In India everyday is risk. Is Udayakumar ready to stage protest against natural disaster like Earthquake and Tsunami ? If these disaster comes,anything may happen .Do not go down into earth thinking that sky will fall .Power generation through all fuel is a must to have balance effect .Kerala is opposing water dam saying it is earthquake prone and WB is cheap state better to be annexed with Bangladesh.Those poor communists cheated the innocents and idiots living there.Under what capacity and knowledge,you are diverting the attention of poor people and making money Udayakumar ? Are you a representative of god who advises you that Tsunami will strike and KKNNP will create disaster or Cranky? Have a Medical checkup with good doctor and stop fooling the people

  22. guest says:

    Everybody who is referring to the first post article .Please check the validity of what ever that guy has written. He is some irresponsible college kid who is making up all the data

    He is a douche bag who just says only 47 people have died of nuclear disaster so it is ok to have a nuclear reactor. Also states nothing can be done as far as evacuation is concerned as 1 million people cannot to be evacuated.

    The aftermath of Chernobyl is still there.Can he ask his wife to stay at chernobyle for her pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.And one million life is no issue at all?.These are guys who are full of brain and no heart at all.when thousands of crores are wasted on corruption etc.why can’t we spend a few hundred crores and make sure there is enough safety procedures.Doesn’t matter whether it takes a few months or a few years.Lets make sure that we made every single indian safe around that area and we have made sure all the infrastructure is there to handle disaster.Then only we can be proud of being indians, not because we have electricity to run all our modern gadgets.

  23. tvar says:

    Hi All,
    First of all, I would like to mention that “Opposition for any scientific development has been a bane for social growth”.

    For the record, My native (Rajapalyam falls within the disaster zone of KKNP – god forbidden)

    In this case, KKNP is a blessing in disguise for TAMILNADU which is reeling under power shortage issues.

    Already, we(TAMILIANs) are looking towards other neighboring states (KA,KL,AP) for WATER, even we are fighting it politically/legally. But we all know what is the status & benefit out of it.

    Adding to that woes, because of these protests against KKNP, TAMILNADU is going to beg from neighboring states (KA,KL,AP) for ELECTRICITY too. In fact we know the outcome, NO POWER FOR TAMILNADU.

    In this 21st century, every walk of life is exposed to risks involved in utilizing the scientific equipments.

    Did Dr.UdayKumar advice people to stop using CELLPHONES as they exhibit EM waves which are harmful?
    Did he advice farmers NOT to use UREA/ANY FERTILIZERS as they probably lead to health issues?

    I am bound to recall a scene from Movie “RAMANA” – captain’s best movie.
    The investigating officer from North India calls TAMIL people as “SENTIMENTAL IDIOTS” when they deny to identify their leader during investigation.
    But later he understood the value of TAMIL people’s ideology.

    TAMIL people will give their life for good leader & support him till their last breath.
    But at the same time, TAMILIANS will NOT leave any bogus leader to misguide them & deny their due benefits.

    This KKNP protest should be for the following points, instead of BLIND OPPOSITION protests:

    1. More employment for local people in KKNP
    2. More compensation for local farm lands
    3. Priority to TN on power generation
    4. More safety precautions for the plant
    5. World class waste disposal system without affecting the local farm lands/water/air

    Hope our CM JJ, who is known for taking decisions for good of the TAMIL PEOPLE will get rid of these boogey protesters soon.

  24. Rajesh says:

    Have you peoples ever visited Cancer hospitals?

    Most of them will be from Neyveli and Kalpakkam near by areas. We are the victims going to suffer.
    Can you people enroll your childs in Schools near this area?

    A job in a MNC, apartment in a POSH area, lakhs of money as dowry, Movie on Saturday, and a dinner on Sunday.

    • Dr. Harisankar says:

      Your comment has no scientific basis.
      Nowhere in the world has anyone conclusively proven that living around nuclear power plant increases cancer risk.

  25. Rajesh says:

    Keep apart whether it is right or wrong, good or bad
    No one has rights to force this on us (even it is good) while we really don’t want.
    We are not ready believe Corrupted governments, irresponsible Government officers and money motive Scientists.

  26. Rajesh says:

    For time being you will blame us and insult our struggle. When you are the victim the world will behave in the same way. Your words will not have value, your struggle will get diluted.
    Keep apart the whether we are right or wrong
    Have you ever stood on a street for others? (It is very easy to blame us)

  27. Anoop Nayar says:

    These kind of protesters stop the nation to progess. They make their children to study science and technology but don’t have faith on the same. Do you know how many nuclear power plants are operational in US, China, France or Russia? Where were you all for these 24 yrs? Suddenly all leave their jobs and come on to the streets to protest. Surely ‘Sentimental Idiots’ as mentioned above.

    There is such a huge power crisis and state falling down to other states. This is time to wake up. Tamilnadu is getting ruined in the name of protests – one side on LLTE support and now on this. These idiotic ppl who lead the protests create fear in the hearts of the people. Little did the people know that these idiots get huge bribes in $$ from abroad. These church organizations get huge fundings in $$ and make use of the poor ppl to dance like them.

    • Rajesh says:

      DO you know in china, France and Russia are not having water sharing issue between their states?

    • vasanth says:

      Do you know who killed 3 lakhs people in Sri Lanka. The Malayali mafias in Delhi. Shiv Shankar Menon, M. K. Narayanan, Nirupama Rao, T.K. Pillai, Ranjan Mathai, A.K. Anthony etc. Malyalis are Kolyalis.

      • Vishnu says:

        This plant is under construction for past 10-12 yrs, why your leader has not come with an alternative in this span and shouting now unnecessary when all work is done ?

        Don’t think that he has no funds, it’s that he has no proper ideas for any alternative for this!!

        He has enough funds for the strikes he is undertaking and for the poor fishermen families participating in these strikes. He could have used that money for betterment of these people by finding out an alternative and more Green than this plant in that span of 10yrs.
        Why didn’t he ?

        Now I will say Udhaykumar is the person spoiling the daily income for the fishermen and you guys support this stupid guy !!

  28. Sri says:

    Hey Rajesh… stop with the rants and give an idea how you will generate 3000+ MW of energy that Tamil Nadu needs for the next few years? Would you rather we go back to dark ages and leave the growth and economic upliftment to other states? I have stood on the street for others’ causes – but I choose my causes carefully – not because it is well funded and has a few white guys come and tell me why I should protest. Time you and your dear “dr” udaykumar pack your bags and go… maybe you can start protesting for a whole bunch of causes that have been begging for attention :
    Human rights violation in (your dear commie) China, Tibet, Bhopal retribution, scam after scam that is raping the country’s finances, tsunami relief misappropriation, child education, child labour, women emancipation, etc, etc… so many causes, so little time.
    Yet you choose Kudankulam and that too out of nowhere… your dear “dr” had time to go to US and get a doctorate and putz around in that country while the plant was being built.. now his land near the plant is probably being threatened and so he has woken up and wants to become a martyr… please. Shut the hell up and go peddle your commie crap somewhere else.

  29. Rajesh says:

    Dear All,

    Don’t speak about LTTE support here.

    I think killing of one Lakh people is enough for the Blood thirsty —–. I don’t think so you people has heart. May their soul in rest.

    When they tortured and killed tamils, it was become allegiance
    When tamils tried to protect them, they become terrorists.

    All know who was behind the war.

    Please only discuss about KKNNP.

    Water is the Own property of each states (they will not share, they will not obey even supreme court), but the electricity is common for the country.

  30. Dr E S Krishnan says:

    Hi K Kumar what is your credential in talking about the nuclear plant. i understand you are an Phd in political science and nothing to do with science! I do understand there is genuine concers some atomic scientists have evinced reacting nuclear power plants but they were qualified!! I suggest you find a job in one of the colleges in south india where you can l;ecture with out findinding out if the students understand and go home to watch TV and leave to scientists to decide. It is important this is not politicised as TN needs lots of power.
    regards dr Krishnan

  31. Kannan says:

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered to provide Pakistan 5,000 MW of electricity during a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in Seoul, according to a Pakistani media report on Wednesday.

    All nuclear supporters, What is your response now?

    • Santhosh says:

      India offered to provide loans to Pakistan for that. Pakistan will repay that amount. I am not sure if Pakistan took that offer though. Moreover, only Indian companies will be involved in the design, construction and commissioning of the power plants, substations and distribution network. India has done the same thing to several African countries. I currently work on 1 such project in Africa; loan of $20 billion.

  32. Dr. Harisankar says:

    As a doc, i would like to present this fact. The bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki could have caused several thousands of deaths. However, as per Life span study conducted over several decades only approx 500 people actually died because of high radiation. I would repeat, only 500 people died directly due to radiation.

    Please dont even compare chernobyl with any other nuclear reactor. Chernobyl is the only grade 7 nuclear disaster, in the entire history. Chernobyl reactor had several faults in its design. The main fault is the lack of containment structure (meaning if there is blast in the reactor, the radioactive materials will be directly exposed to and released into atmosphere). Secondly, chernobyl reactor was a partly man made disaster. The reactor did not burst on its own. The scientists were doing some testing with the reactor. The procedure they followed was wrong due to which there was disaster. You can check Wikipedia if you wont believe.

  33. Dr. Harisankar says:

    Mr Rajesh,
    You can be assured that there wont be any health hazard UNTIL the reactor works as per specifications and all safety procedures are followed.

    There are several levels of safety structures built into the nuclear reactor. For eg. even if a air craft crashes into the reactor, it cant reach the actual reactor as several meter thick wall is built.

    However, there cant be any guarantee if there is a totally unexpected environmental disaster.

    Several thousand people died in Gujarat during earth quake. Same during Tsunami in TN. Have people stopped living or have they moved to any other place?

  34. Kannan says:

    Dr. Harisankar,

    Thanks for your explanation.

    It is not fair to compare the natural disaster Tsunami to the nuclear disaster. We don’t want carry the risk for the welfare of Pakistan and Srilanka.

    My neighbor State is saying that don’t even give a drop of water for us.

    So with what hope we can bare this.

    Neyveli Lignite Corporation has recorded the highest production in this year, but TN is in dark.

    Four months before we had 2-3 hours power cut, today we are facing 8-10 Hours Power cut.
    What is the reason for this?
    Just give some justification
    Where was the production went down?
    Are they not getting less from the GRID?
    Are the consumption went high? (not possible. how the consumption will go high in just 2 months)

    Just the power cut is to raise the anger against the protesters.

    • Santhosh says:

      Coal is a national resource and hence power generated from coal is also a national resource. Construction of power plants is funded by Govt of India, not state governments. States where the power plant is located get a lion’s share. That’s all. We are getting our share from Neyveli and will get our share from Kudankulam.

  35. Pranjal Wagh says:

    Doctor ko bulaoo kya Doctor? To examine your brain? if there is any in that egg head of yours?

    Tu seriously ch***** hai be!!

  36. karthik says:

    Koodankulam will be supplied with VVER-1200 type reactors and they are more advanced and safer than VVER-1000. Most of the information projected by Mr. Udayakumar is in-correct.

  37. a.berchmansnishakar says:

    pls stop anu min nilyam our peoples are solved to
    alarum intha nilayam

  38. R.RAVIKUMAR says:


  39. arfathbasha says:

    now remember the 12hours powercut.kudankulam power project is a gift of tamilnadu.

  40. Swami says:


    What is your technical qualification?

    How can you write an article without any references to your claims?

    Dr.Abdul Kalam (who knows a thing or two about nuclear reactor) has mentioned that Koodankulam project is safe.

    Are you doubting his knowledge?

    • vasanth says:

      Abdul Kalam is not a nuclear scientist. He is not an expertitse in nuclear field. He don’t know the ABCD.. of nuclear power plant. He is only the engineer. It takes 7 days to visit the KKNPP. He just visited the plant in 2 hours and declared safe. Only fools will belive this nonsense. Does APJ Kalam change his house near Koodangulam? or any other ministers. If one says Koodangulam is safe then why can’t they construc a new plant in NEW DELHI. People in Jaithapur(Maharashtra) is also protesting against nuclear power plant. Why you are not saying these people getting money from foreign NGO’S. In fact India is running with foreign fund according to Aruna Roy. Congress leaders getting money from Sri Lanka to support opening the nuclear plant. Actually there is a plan to open Thermal power station in Madurai to take power to Sri lanka. After it is found not feasible now they diverted to take power from KKNP to Sri Lanka.

      • Vishnu says:

        Dr SP Udayakumar, is a Masters in Literature from Kerala University, and a PHd in Political Science from the University of Hawaii.

        How can a political scientist present credible theories about the plant to villagers? He is also actively blocking, genuine attempts made by the government, to present an accurate picture to the Kudankulam people..?

  41. Anto says:

    I dont know why the indian govt is still not able to clarify the 39 questions raised by the protest team??

    why kerala state kicked this plant out of kerala?

  42. Anto says:

    The headless chickens are fit for using unparlimentary words

  43. […] to find one that resembled what I mentioned above. After arduous Googling, this is what I found, a post written by Dr Udayakumar himself, on the perils of Kudankulam. This was, by far, the worst document I have seen in my life, and this includes my own writing. […]

  44. Namit says:

    It is so sad to see comments herein mentioned above. Few of them out of their personal reasons are just trying to confuse already confused middle class of India.
    The author have right to expression guaranteed by constitution if India and it really doesn’t matter if one is from literature or science. what matters is that he is Indian and he has all the rights to raise his opinion. If some one have problem with that they may restrain from reading it and sharing it and to go extreme you can produce your own writeup to support your arguments. It is humble request to all of you, please do not pollute this place and let reader alone decide what is right and wrong, we all are equally rational as you guys are.Thank you.

  45. G v pillai(kwt) says:

    Dear uday kumar
    if we afraid about we can go ahead .how we can solve our power shortage .our demised pm sri Rajiv ghandhi took right decision for coming genaration.i think we are living in 21st century ,science and technogly is are in more advanced.our Engineers are very capable to detect any error from pls every indians should coporate with project.

  46. rocky says:

    I want to ask one questions to the people who support this.

    In TN women wont come to protest without giving money & other material benefit.

    If u see their most of the people are women, men send their wifes to protest and they go to work.

    If u have not got any money means.U should have started this protest before they started construction in 2002.After spending about 16000 crores if ur stooping then its wrong on ur part…………

  47. […] to complete construction, S.P. Udayakumar detailed, point by point on the site, “Thirteen Reasons Why We Do Not Want The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project.” He covered everything from lack of transparency on the part of organizations conducting safety […]

  48. […] PMANE (People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy). He poses, on behalf of the fisherman community, some valid questions about the safety of the people in the vicinity of the power plant in case of a disaster and the […]