“Governments don’t rule the world; Goldman Sachs rules the world.”


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Trader on the BBC Says Eurozone Market Will Crash

In a scary and painfully frank interview a freaked out BBC interviewer is visibly shaken when market trader Alessio Rastani predicts that the “Market is Toast.” Apparently, there is nothing Euro governments can do. “Anyone can make money from a crash,” he affirms. The worst thing to do now is nothing. People should act to protect themselves against an inevitable crisis still approaching.



This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 3 Oct 2011.

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One Response to ““Governments don’t rule the world; Goldman Sachs rules the world.””

  1. Dominik says:

    While watching that video, i was immediatly thinking about the YES MEN activities. So i began to research a little, and yes, it seems like a beautifull hoax to me!


    In Germany the video even found its way into ZDF TV-news, they say it was theatre that got attention, cause it tells the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F9kRFC9XMY&feature=related

    The YesMen tell in this articel, that this trader is not a YesMen, but a honest small trader…

    Well, I couldn’t find a clear answer to my question, but the journey of researching itself was funny enough :)