The Grand Prix, Western Hypocrisy and the Gulf States

IN FOCUS, 23 Apr 2012

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey - Pravda

Let us be perfectly clear. Qatar has emerged as the main western puppet State in the Gulf, while Bahrain receives favoured treatment despite a despotic crackdown on activists and Saudi Arabia, despite having a deplorable human rights record, is treated as “one of the boys”. Could it be because these three Gulf States do what the west tells them to do?

As Gaddafi said, certain Gulf States have allowed themselves to be donkeys, ridden by foreigners. Interesting. Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi was set to receive a humanitarian prize from the UNO for his tremendous work in developmental projects in Africa, for his work in women’s rights, for his work in religious and ethnic tolerance, for his e-learning and telemedicine programmes which were starting to benefit hundreds of millions of Africans…

Where have Bahrain, Qatar or Saudi Arabia been in terms of human rights? Let us have a look and let us hold the western powers, particularly the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) to account in their international relations.

Bahrain, the Grand Prix and back-slapping

Let us be honest. The “crackdown” which sparked the backlash by the FUKUS-Axis in Libya pales into insignificance when compared with the ongoing policies of repression and murder ongoing in Bahrain. But then again, the Libya debacle was planned way before the FUKUS-Axis’ terrorists were let loose to murder, rape, pillage, slice the breasts off women, loot, torture and so on, without one single word of criticism by their masters, France, the UK and the USA.

Ahead of the Formula One race this weekend, arrests and cases of torture by the authorities have been rife, the use of shotguns against civilians has been widespread. Where is the criticism by the FUKUS-Axis? Illegally detained citizens protesting against the murderous regime in Bahrain are denied access to lawyers and due legal process. Where is the criticism by the FUKUX-Axis?

Pre-dawn raids, discharging of firearms, detention in medieval conditions, torture chambers…never mind. Bahrain is cool. Let us be honest. The FUKUS-Axis believes that if the Bahraini monarchy is shored up, then the same sort of unrest will not spread to the rest of the Gulf and the oil supplies will be safe for them to control.

Compared with the Bahrain authorities, Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya Government seemed like fairy godmothers.

Qatar, the bum boy

Qatar is the western bum boy of the Middle East. Qatari terrorists have been found perpetrating shocking acts of violence and depravity in Libya, raping girls, impaling boys with iron stakes, decapitating people, torturing, murdering and looting. What wonderful behaviour from an ex-British colony, what?

Qatar, feted by the FUKUS-Axis, assimilated as easily as its Al-Jazeera network was neutered, is a prime example of spinelessness, subservience and servility. After becoming an example of the exportation of terrorism in Libya, this oil-rich oligarchy implements draconian laws which leave hundreds of thousands of migrant workers open to exploitation by Qatari slave-masters.

Under the kafala system (sponsorship) a migrant worker can be detained or deported for “absconding” even if he or she is fleeing physical abuse, torture or rape. To leave the country, a migrant worker has to get permission from his/her sponsor and if this is not given, he/she is virtually a prisoner in this Middle Eastern hellhole.

 Saudi Arabia – cynical and cosmetic changes

FUKUS-Axis leaders and politicians queue up to shake the hands of the sheikhs and the closer they can get to the Al-Saud family, the better. Yet what about Saudi Arabia’s deplorable human rights record?

Women cannot stand for office, women cannot show their faces in public, women cannot vote, women can be stoned to death for adultery for having been raped, women can be whipped in public for driving offences, women must have a male chaperone to travel.

Yet the FUKUS-Axis courts these three pariahs, these three insults to the international community, insults to human rights and in the case of Qatar, an exporter of terrorism. And what do they do? They arm terrorists to destroy the Libyan Jamahiriya government and then do the same to gain a foothold in Syria, while turning a blind eye to the Satanic Gulf States which they exploit.

So, where is the invasion? Where are the special forces? Where is the demonology in the media? Nowhere, of course. And what have Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia done for anyone, except themselves?

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