Hitler Won


Tom Greening – TRANSCEND Media Service

Hitler won.
He has converted the Jews,
Palestinians, Russians, Chechens,
Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans,
even his nemesis, the
Holy Americans.

He knew he was right
about how the world worked
and how it should be.

“Mein Kampf” has been updated
and is the new Bible.
Bloodthirsty saints
strap on their explosive belts
and helicopter gunships
to worship the new God who is
as old as our species.

Even in my safe suburb
my television is soaked with blood
and I hear the goose-stepping marchers
squashing my nation’s conscience.

Enlist! There are benefits
if you survive.
Don’t let the heat, the dust,
the scattered pieces of flesh
deter you from what we know
(because our new God’s Goebbels tells us)
is right.

Tom Greening: “I engage in five professional activities:
Faculty Member at Saybrook University
Private Practice of Psychotherapy
Clinical Professor of Psychology, UCLA
International Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Writing (Poetry).”


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 7 Jan 2013.

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One Response to “Hitler Won”

  1. david burleson says:

    Help me to sew life’s quilt

    Help me to sew life’s quilt…
    I count the squares of life’s quilt, with a kind sigh…
    And the tally is quite high…

    Help me to sew life’s quilt…
    I am not all innocent,
    Nor am i full of guilt…
    Help me to sow life’s quilt…
    In a great field I turned around a piece marked Evil,
    I found the reversed peace spelled Live…

    Help me to sow life’s quilt…
    The next peace reads Love…

    I met the poem of life… 32004

    This night, quite quietly alone, When I left aside the guilds of strife. I met the poem of life…

    Each menace does require some penance,
    Each eve, a few would me deceive…
    With wit I reply, I wish not to hear your lie…
    Every joy my spirit does employ
    Each eve, many would me relieve…

    I am ever grateful that my day’s daze is but a brief phrase. When each night’s knight whispers some praise, Then, I do believe I find quiet reprieve, With modest shadows my self I do cover when I discover, I glow in beauty, as beauty would grow in me…

    The poem of life nights me… Am I to dream as a shining night? Some glistening stardust caught in humane form… Reformed, dis-aster being distance from my star afar…

    This night, quite quietly alone, When I left aside the guilds of strife. I met the poem of life…


    As Lives go Out and Lives come In…
    Just, almost like Great Tides…

    “Fast falls Our Even-Tide…”
    Let us see EVIL turned to LIVE..

    Falling Angels, we see other Angles…
    Reverse our over-tried DEVIL…
    Bedeviled? BE LIVED!

    Satan restor(i)ed is Santa…

    PRAY, let us Live…
    Live all the Daze of our Lives…

    With death, love does not die…

    With death, love does not die,
    We cry tears of deep grief for our own relief,
    Memory is a bridge cresting on a special ridge,
    With death, love does not die…

    In each life sentence,
    Let us find time for repentance…
    Sorrow we need not borrow,
    Each other’s joy we may employ,


    david inkey, the UN poet, unpoet@aol.com
    Click Here: Check out “David Inkey”