Be Brothers: A Word to Hindus and Muslims

POETRY FORMAT, 19 Aug 2013

M. Ashaq Raza – TRANSCEND Media Service

Oh my dear Hindu and Muslim brothers

Today you again fought, killed one another

Destroyed a mosque, damaged a temple

Burnt houses, property you crumbled 

Maimed you old-aged and hurt children

Spared even not the pregnant women


Don’t you know what else you did?

The man you proudly killed with brick

Was the only hope for his three kids

Young wife, 4 sisters and parents sick

And his only crime, only treason 

He belonged to a different religion


What makes you so blind and deaf?

To hear the cries of others and grief

Every now and then you just fight?

On pity issues, show unjust might

And shed the blood of one another

Harm, abuse, humiliate one another 


As a stone shakes the ocean

Such are your fragile relations?

Until when you keep on fighting

And putting at stake the humanity

Awake, oh brothers awake

For the God sake, awake


And realise the very fact

All humans one family, in fact

May a Hindu or a Musalman

Same blood runs in their veins

One has same pain as the other

When a finger is cut with razor


When all religions’ one preaching

Yes, the well-being of humanity

Then why this claim and blame

All this hatred and the mayhem

When no one can live in isolation

Then why you think of separation


Had one religion or one nation

For world peace, a solution

 There be ideal peace in Pakistan

Sri Lanka, Rwanda or Afghanistan  

If not so, for what this all race

And after all, what is the base?

When a Hindu in Pakistan dies

Across borders a Hindu cries

And same does a Pakistani Muslim

He weeps for only Indian Muslims

We know, in their very next street

To fellow humans how they treat


Why don’t a Muslim cry

When a Hindu brother die

And a Hindu wets his eyes

When a Muslim brother dies

And day when this will happen

Our world will become heaven  


Sustainable peace will be prevailing

All around, mankind will be healing

With spirit of live and let live, coexistence

Understanding, brotherhood and tolerance

Otherwise, in the flood of blind hatred

Our generations will flow one day, instead   


M. Ashaq Raza, Ph.D.: Ass. professor of botany, Govt. College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu; former director of research at Eritrean Institute of Technology; currently an academician in Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir (India). Founder/president “Attitude Change International”, a non-profit peace NGO engaged in sustainable peace and development; charter president, Rotary Club of Darhal Malikan. Website:


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 19 Aug 2013.

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