Confronting the Nuke-Colonization of India


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National Convention of Anti-Nuclear Movements

January 4-5, 2014 – Idinthakarai, Tamil Nadu, India

Despite all the power claims of the KKNPP, the struggle continues here at Idinthakarai for the 845th day! In the meantime, the election mood is setting in, in India. As you must have noticed, no political party or “leader” talks about the nuclear issue and none of them seem to consider it as an important poll issue.

No matter who wins in the next general elections, the new dispensation will certainly continue with the nuke-colonization of India. With a Russian outpost in Koodankulam, a French settlement in Jaitapur, and American joints in Kovvada and Mithi Virdi, our country will look and feel like the colony of a new East India Company. We, the citizens of India, may have to behave like the energy slaves of these White and Brown power barons.

Some friends have just suggested that we convene all the anti-nuclear groups and activists from all over India, discuss the ongoing developments and the upcoming dangers, and devise a national strategy to confront the nuke-colonization of our country and our futures. This will be a strategy-oriented convention rather than a talking-forum and it will focus on national networking and activism.

We, the PMANE Struggle Committee members and the Idinthakarai Village Committee, will host this convention on January 4-5, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) here at Idinthakarai. We can make arrangements for everyone’s room and board. Please make your own travel arrangements as soon as possible.

The best way to reach Idinthakarai from northern, eastern and western India is to travel to Chennai and take one of the southbound trains (Kanyakumari Express or Ananthapuri Express from Chennai Egmore station) and get down at Valliyoor (which comes after Tirunelveli). From Valliyoor, you can reach Koodankulam by bus or vans and take a trucker to Idinthakarai.

If you fly, you can come down to Madurai or Thoothukudi and travel by road to Idinthakarai. Better yet, you can fly to Thiruvananthapuram and travel by road through Nagercoil.

If you travel from Kerala, you can reach Thiruvananthapuram and travel to Nagercoil and to Koodankulam and then to Idinthakarai.

If you need any help, please email us:

Please spread the word around and invite your anti-nuclear friends to Idinthakarai.

The Struggle Committee
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy


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