Exposed: Killing Dolphins – Dying for Lobsters

IN-DEPTH VIDEOS, 16 Jun 2014

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Thousands of dolphins are killed solely for shark bait each year off the coast of Peru. Jim Wickens of the London-based Ecologist Film Unit documents this illegal practice in an original undercover investigation. An upsurge in shark meat consumption in Peru and the rise in the cost of fish bait has helped drive the hunt to as many as 10,000 dolphins killed each year according to some estimates.

Filmmakers Brad Allgood and Josh Wolff document the epidemic of decompression disease or bends suffered by Miskito Indians involved in commercial lobster diving off Nicaragua’s coast. Commercial lobster diving here brings in over $20 million a year annually and 90% of the lobsters caught are sold to premium US restaurants and supermarkets. The casualties among the divers continue to mount as the problem is ignored by the Nicaraguan government and the international community.



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