How Can This Be?

POETRY FORMAT, 31 Aug 2015

Tom Greening – TRANSCEND Media Service

Verse 1
Hear a mother softly cry
Beneath the dark and mournful sky
War claimed her child and she asks why….
How can this be?

Verse 2
The forlorn father rocks and cries
As he begins to realize
The light has gone from his son’s eyes….
How can this be?

You can talk about hatred,
You can talk about war,
You can talk about killing
While we all keep score,
And we count all the bodies and
Count them once more….
How can this be?

Verse 3
This victim of hostility
Cut down by our brutality
Could be the child of you and me….
How can this be?

Verse 4
With guns to shoot and bombs to drop
The killers reap their bitter crop,
Grim harvest that we never stop….
How can this be?

Verse 5
The dogs of war again run wild
Killing yet another child–
Innocence and love defiled….
How can this be?

Children have to pay the price
For debts they do not owe.
Time and time again they pay,
The children can’t say no.

Verse 6
Shattered bodies, shattered lives
As yet another victim dies
Even God averts his eyes….
How can this be?

© 2002 Music: Harrison Childers, John Cannon. Lyrics: Harrison Childers, John Cannon, Tom Greening.

Tom Greening: “I engage in five professional activities:
Faculty Member at Saybrook University
Private Practice of Psychotherapy
Clinical Professor of Psychology, UCLA
International Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Writing (Poetry).”


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