Year of Hope 2016


Ada Aharoni – TRANSCEND Media Service

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Despite our wars, despite our tears,
Despite our furtive fears
We welcome the smiling year of HOPE.

The power of women and children for peace is rising,
Democracy and the Internet are spreading,
Global poverty has been cut in half –
Never have ordinary people, like you and me,
Had more power to face challenges

And to decide our own fate of Nonkilling.
We’re poised on the edge between
Our oldest fears of terror and  war
And our deepest dreams of peace.

We face a choice – to rise to this moment in time
And be the PEACE we want to see –
It all depends on us, for we peace- lovers
Are the largest global community!

War is not democratic, and we have to catch it
By its ugly ears and drown it into
The vast ocean of violent history forever.

We peace-lovers are the parents of hope
And hope is the game changer in life.
Hope is the wing on which we rise
It is the map of how and where to fly
To throw Terror and War from the top of the cliff
Into the historical stormy ocean.

In this New Year, let’s hurry to joyfully embrace
The golden sunbeam of Hope gladly waltzing
To the music of a moving Chopin Waltz
Toward twinkling Global Peace.

Ada Aharoni is founder of The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace-IFLAC. She is an Egyptian-born Israeli poet, writer, lecturer and peace researcher.


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 4 Jan 2016.

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One Response to “Year of Hope 2016”

  1. IFLAC says:

    Powerful and moving poem by Ada Aharoni. Let’s make the Poem a reality!