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The form less God and Soul are subject of philosophical/ theological discussion. The history goes back to the six systems of philosophy and Religion. It starts from the worship of natural deities, and leads to monism.

God is one has a prominent place. The transmigration of Soul has given it a unique place. The conflict has started with literary discussion on the theories of formless God and Soul on physical plane, and transmigration of Soul.

The Brahma, God is the cosmic principle, and the Soul is life principle, both are same, and beyond perception of human senses. Hence it is the matter of self realization, just like magnetism induces magnetism in iron, in the same way the cosmic principle induces its replicates. The life on the earth is its higher form with evolution and complexity in nature. Hence it has been said that God and Soul are one and the same without attribute and character.

The creation has evolved from a single ancestor with combination of fundamental energy and nature. It is the combination of fundamental energy and primeval matter- micro-nature. It has generated the biodiversity with evolution. The fundamental energy and nature are infinite and eternal.


The immortal DNA is the part of nature, and is blue chip of life. It has been described as bio-Soul. The immortal words stimulate the language on the DNA. The metabolism is the source of consciousness. They appear with birth in the womb as hereditary life principle, and disappear with death.

Key words- God; Bio-soul; DNA; Eternal life principle; Transmigration


The universal questions before the philosophers and the scientist are related with cosmology, biology, and life consciousness, the aim of life, and ethics.

The seers and prophets have followed the way of self realization to realize the truth. The consciousness is within us, it is proof in the self. It requires a purity of mind to go deep into the matter with devotion. The consciousness can not be proved on physical plane, hence after the death of the thinker, the symbolic views and concepts of the thinker take the shape of faith and belief, and the scientists consider it as superstition.

The aim of philosophy and Science is to search the truth behind the creation. The journey of a scientist ends with the discovery of laws of thermodynamics, atom and DNA De oxy ribose nucleic Acid. On the other hand the journey of a philosopher starts from the inquiry into the form less self.  It means inquiry of a philosopher start from where the inquiry of a scientist ends.

The creator 

The great scientist Einstein has enlightened the world that the creation is working, under the laws of thermo dynamics. In Einstein’s equation E =mc2 it means energy and mass can be converted in to each other, where E =Energy, m=Mass and c =Velocity of light.

The creation has evolved from supreme unborn energy, under the laws of thermodynamics. The atom is the building block of the creation. The infinite eternal original cosmic energy is the source of the creation. The quarks and the subatomic particles are first in the series. The appearance of the infinite original cosmic energy in the nucleus has binds the proton and neutron in the atom. It is holistic Bell’s theorem 1972 by Clauser, Freedman, David Böehm, and Alain Aspect in 1985 David Böehm wrote on this great finding. The essential new quality implied by quantum theory is non – locality. This leads to the radically new notion of the unbroken wholeness of the universe. (Foundation of Physics, 5, 1975, P 94)

The same has been described as indestructible supreme in the Vedas. The same has been explored by the prophets, philosophers, and seers as creator. It is single unified force. It has maintained its continuity in atom, molecules and matter, hence it has been said that the creator has created the man in his own image.


The life has evolved from a single cell, and the demonstration of chemical synthetic process of evolution A.I, Oparin 1922 open new chapter on the origin of life. The discovery of DNA Watson and Crick 1956 has opened new vista in biotechnology. At cellular level we all are related with each other with common ancestry in DNA.

Darwin 1859 has given the theory of organic evolution, and at once, we consider it against the theories of religious scriptures. Just for example if we look into the description of creation in holy Bible and Quraan. In the chapter Genesis symbolically, it has been described that God has created the creation in seven days, and we have discarded the theory of evolution, it has intensified the problem, we have ignored that the one day of God is equivalent to one thousand years. It means the creation came into the existence, with gradual process of evolution. The God has created the nature, and enter into the nature to regulate the creation. Hence it has been said that every thing is for wise utilization.

Divine light

The inquiry into the self by the Saints, seers, prophets and philosophers ends with the enlightenment with Divine light. For this they have commonly used the technique of concentration and meditation on one object. The enlightenment related with divine light is the source of confirmation of formless God and soul symbolically, and said that God is light of light. They have narrated the creation and life in a symbolic fashion to restore the faith of common man on ethics in life, because one has to face the consequences of his deeds under the cycle of rebirth and death. It has been expressed symbolically as hell or heaven. The differences in code of conduct are according to the space, time, and social environmental conditions.

Along with this they have also said that they are not preaching a new thing, it is the renovation of the old truth preached by our ancient ancestors. They have also given the references of old books, which were beyond interpretation.

Divine Light is a scientific fact related with pineal gland situated in mid brain. It is a photo receptor gland, and secretes darkness hormone Melatonin at night. It receives messages along fibres from nerve cells of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus, which themselves receive signals from the eye via fibres of the optic nerve with rising of sun.

The pineal gland can be stimulated from the base of sitting with meditation. It is actually the stimulation of nerves of nervous system. The pineal gland is related with biological cloak. The nerves shine and disturbances in the biological cloak gives psychic experiences.  These experiences are beyond explanation and different from man to man. Hence they can not be confirmed by another person, but the experience of the divine light is one and the same.

The formless God and Soul are two faces of same coin. They are one and the same, the God is principle of creation and Soul is principle of life, they are beyond any miracle, they are present everywhere, it is miracle in self. The scientists are very much against the aim of life on the earth, and transmigration. To know the principle of life and creation is knowledge. The unreal has no existence, and real never ceased to be.

The DNA is blue chip of life

The DNA is immortal instrument with all information of life and death with hereditary characters. The four bases with 64 triplet code and hydrogen triple bond in between the nucleotide pair embodies all secret of life on the earth.

The discovery of Radio waves, sound, electricity, magnetism, and heat have brought revolution in different field. The radio waves can be transmitted through electromagnetic energy, and tapping of sound energy on magnetic tapes has brought revolution in telecommunication.

The living-beings are not away from these phenomena. They have inherent mechanism of tapping and communication with origin of life. It has evolved into advance form of words, and thought from sound of vibrations. The sound of word is eternal and the thought is its dormant form.

The life on the earth is hereditary life principle. It appears with the union of fertilized DNA, eternal cosmic energy and chemical energy of food metabolism in the womb of mother. The immortal sound of words is the stimulator of language on the DNA. The metabolism is the source of consciousness. The life appears with birth, and disappear with death.

The DNA is blue chip of life. Due to the fresh encoding, the past memories become suppressed. It gives unusual experiences and decides the fate in life. Hence even the time twins have different DNA and fate in life.

It has been described by the seers and prophets symbolically with ethics in life, under the cosmic cycle of rebirth and death. To evolve ones own self towards higher is the aim of life.


The quest of Creation is a quest of human mind from dawn of the civilization on the earth. The same quest and search is reflected in the Vedic hymns. The Vedas are oldest books of Science. It has been explained in the Vedas that the creation has a beginning, and it has developed at its own under space, time and the environmental conditions. it seems that the seers of the hymns are the subject expert and head of the contemporary institutes of knowledge. They were fully acquainted with the cosmic principles and functions of the creation system. The modern science has explored the same in last two decades only.

The creation came into the existence from fundamental energy with actions and interactions under the laws of thermodynamics with energy transformation Purusha Sukta 10-90 1 to 4

The Seers in the beginning of Vedic hymns have traced origin and evolution of the creation in a symbolic way from the fundamental energy. It is an essential part of the teaching to start the subject from its original source and gradually enter into the depth of the subject. Accordingly, the way of expression and knowledge is the same but with different metaphors, which lead to the depth of subject concern with praise prayers in the background, where words indicate the phenomenon at micro level.

All the seers have used the same terminology of the deities with different metaphoric expressions, indicating the origin of solar system and sun as the main source of energy. The metaphors will look like ‘headless and footless’, without the concern knowledge with reference to the context. They have expressed the origin of the creation and nature from the fundamental energy. The generation of charged particles is the first step. Accordingly the solar system, from nebula came into the existence. The earth became the centre for the origin of life. The formation of the atmospheric layers, generation of ions in the ionosphere and formation of ozone layer in the atmosphere are the essential factor for the origin of life.

The white visible-light with seven rays and formation of atom have constituted the base of creation. The generation of the magnetic energy in the atom and electromagnetic bond energy is the main cause of creation. The major elements of the creation are Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. They have been termed, as MÈtri„va, PavmÈn, and Indu respectively. The nature feed the creation just like mother.

They have summarise the thoughts, with focus on the single unified force as the creator, the atom is the building block of the creation, the DNA with four base is the building block of the living-beings, the life energy, the chemical energy of photosynthesis, the electromagnetic bond energy, with impact of VÈc- thought energy are playing, their role under the cosmic principles.

How the creation system is working, it has been explored by saying Let us declare aloud the name of clarified butter, and at this sacrifice hold it up with homage.So let the Brahman hear the praise we utter. This hath the four-horned Buffalo emitted Rig.4-58-2

The essence of the creation has been described as the four horned buffalo, it is symbolic expression for the Atom which has the three fundamental particles and the fourth is generation of energy in the atom. The essence of the creation has been termed as clarified butter. it means the essence of the buffalo milk is clarified butter in the same fashion the four components of the atom has the essence of the creation Rig 4-58

Four are his horns, three are the feet that bear him; his heads are two, his hands are seven in number.

Bound with a triple bond the Steer roars loudly: the mighty God hath entered in to mortal’s Rig.4-58-3

The four horns is a symbolic expression of the DNA, where four horns represents ²four base of the DNA., two head represents two strips of the DNA, three legs represents- a triplet code of the DNA, the seven hands represents seven bonds in between triplet nucleotide pair, with its triple bond the DNA roars loudly just like a steer. It has entered in to mortals.

That oil in triple shape the Gods discovered lay down within the Cow, concealed by Panis.

Indra produced one shape, Surya another, by their own power they formed the third from Vena Rig. 4-58-4

Symbolically it has been expressed the three subatomic particles acts like oil for the creation, the secret of atom is hidden in the nucleus.

The Indra- has produced one shape the electrostatic energy, another shape has been produced by the sun, by their own power they have generated the third with vibrations.

EM energy, atom, and DNA

As per the Hamburg Institute of Meteorology of Max Planck Society, Germany under a project on Climap has reported that identical to ‘‘Green house Effect’’ and consequent Global warming had occurred about 18000 years ago and a consequent ice age was there and North America, Europe and Siberia were covered with thick snow cover in between Siberia and Alaska a land bridge was formed through which people were migrated (German News Sept. 89, Page 25).

Looking to the depth of the Vedic knowledge in the light of modern science, it seems that the Vedic culture may have flourished on the earth before the ice age and Green house Effect and consequent Global warming had forced them to compile their knowledge in the Vedic hymns.

After the destruction of the Vedic civilization, only the traditions remains and the Vedic hymns have been interpreted in different ways. The confirmation of Vedic knowledge was confined to meditation and self realization. Accordingly, the Saints, prophets, and thinkers have confirmed the existence of formless supreme with enlightenment.

Lord Krishna in Geeta emphasize on meditation to search the truth behind the creation to wipeout superstitions of Arjuna about the God, and Soul. He has used Vedic Science to convince Arjuna to ‘fight for right’ as an ethical self duty, under the cosmic cycle of rebirth and death. Otherwise to fight against the grand father and teacher In the battlefield was a great sin under Indian traditions of Dharma.

The infinite supreme Lord

The supreme Brahma is said to be neither Sat-being nor ASAT- non-being. It has hands and feet on all sides, eyes, head, and mouth in all directions, and ears all round; for it stands pervading all in the universe 13-13

Though perceiving all sense objects it is really, speaking, devoid of all senses. Nay though unattached, it is sustainers of all nonetheless, and though without attribute, it is the enjoyer of the qualities 13-14

The Supreme Brahma exists without and within all beings, and constitutes the animate and inanimate creation as well. And by reason of subtly of it, It is incomprehensible; it is close at hand and stands afar too 13 – 15

Lord Krishna expressed that all the animate and inanimate creation has born from the union of micro nature and Spirit. Accordingly, the nature came into the existence with evolutes of three qualities, and the supreme Soul is present within it also. The nature and the supreme spirit, both are endless. The nature is the cause and the Bio soul enjoys the fruit of life.

The nature and the supreme spirit, both are endless. The nature is the cause of merits and demerits in life and the Bio soul enjoy the fruit of life 13-19

The nature is said to be responsible for bringing forth the evolutes and the instruments; while the individual Bio soul is declared to be the cause of experience of joys and sorrows 13-20


The supreme lord is present everywhere in the nature. He is the cause of life in association with internal micro body in the womb. It has been described as Bio soul.  The gross physical body develops from the internal micro body, accordingly, the bio soul lead the life with merits and demerits of life in three fold manner. The association of soul and internal micro body is the cause of rebirth in good or evil womb with merits and demerits 13-21

The Spirit dwelling in this body is really the same as the Supreme. He has been spoken of as the witness, the true Guide. He is sustainer of all as Absolute as well 13- 22

Two Birds with fair wings, Knit with bonds of friendship, in the same sheltering tree have found to being a refuge. One of the twain eats the sweet tree fruitage; the other eating not regardeth only. ÿgveda. 1-164-20

The supreme eternal energy has been described as spectator and the bio soul as the enjoyer of the sweet fruit of life metaphorically. The supreme eternal energy and immortal Bio soul, DNA have taken refuge in the physical body, just like two birds bonds in friendship under the same sheltering tree.

The eternal supreme Soul is present in all beings as Soul – consciousness. He perceives all sense objects, but all mental operations, such as perception, thinking, willing are not performed by the soul, but are merely mechanical processes of the internal organs, this indestructible supreme Spirit, though dwelling in the body, but do nothing, nor get contaminated 13-31

All actions of the body are performed by the nature alone, and the self is non doer. Where, in the body the supreme Soul is only a spectator and witness as overlord.

The Lord Krishna said; The eternal ‘bio soul in this physical body is a particle of My own being; and it is that alone which draws round it self the mind and the five senses, which rests in nature 15-7

By saying that the eternal Bio soul is part of my own, the imperishable nature of the internal micro body has been expressed.

Even as the wind wafts scents from their seat, so too the Bio soul, which is the controller of the body etc., taking the mind and the senses from the body which it leaves behind forthwith migrates to the body which it acquires 15-8

The internal micro body, Bio soul is the controller of the body and it carries the mind and senses from the body. Just like wind wafts from their seat.

It has been expressed that the eternal Bio soul is the controller of the body, which records the merits and demerits of the individual. It carries the record of the individual with it after death from the body, just like wind wafts scents from their seat. It means the transfer is air to air. When the Bio soul, who is the controller of the body, acquires new body, it attracts the mentality resting in the nature with development of the sense organs.

It is while dwelling in senses of hearing touch taste and smell, as well as in the mind, that the Bio soul enjoys the objects of senses 15-9

It is internal micro body, Bio soul enjoy the objects of senses through sense organs. The ignorant know not the soul departing or dwelling in the body, or enjoying the objects of the senses etc; even when it is connected with the three qualities. The three qualities of the physical body are growth, reproduction, and energy transformation. Those endowed with the eye of wisdom are able to realize it. 15-10

The internal imperishable micro body is invisible, hence ignorant are unable to recognize it, even when it is dwelling in the body and enjoying the senses with mental qualities. It has been expressed that the imperishable internal micro body Bio soul enjoy the life with sense organs, which are perishable with gross physical body.

He is free to think for his welfare with his mental abilities, where, a man is himself a friend or foe of him self. He has expressed that according to the mentality, the human-beings acts in the society, and accordingly as per their predominant mentality in life, they are subject to take birth in higher or lower family or even in the animals or plants.

The internal micro body has been described as Bio soul. It is the description of immortal DNA De oxy ribose Nucleic Acid, which is universally present in the living-beings. To explain the transmigration of thought mentality, he has used Vedic knowledge of DNA, which is termed as Tvashta and Vivasvat. How the transmigration is going on has been explained by Lord Krishna. It can be interpreted in terms of our present knowledge. Although the modern researches in the field of Genetics have not touched the height of Vedic knowledge. It may act as guide line for further research.


The creation came into existence from the fundamental energy with energy transformation. The eternal fundamental has been described as creator. It is the formless principle of creation and life. The life has evolved from single cell with three qualities, growth, reproduction and energy transformation. The biodiversity is due to genetic recombination. The immortal DNA is blue chip of life. It has been described as bio soul. It is the instrument and vehicle of transmigration of thought mentality of an individual.

The life appears with the union of immortal thought mentality of an individual with fertilized DNA, which stimulates the mental code, the metabolic energy is the source of consciousness. The consciousness disappears with ageing and death. It has been described as rebirth to face the consequences of deeds of past birth. Due to the fresh encoding, the past memories become suppressed. It gives unusual experiences and decides the fate in life. Hence even the time twins have different DNA and fate in life.

The human species is under the process of mental evolution, under the cycle of rebirth and death. The three quality of the mental nature are inherent from the birth. To evolve one’s own self from animal instincts towards higher Human, and divine quality is the aim of life.


The infinite eternal original cosmic energy is the source of the creation. The quarks and the subatomic particles are first in the series. The appearance of the infinite original cosmic energy in the nucleus has binds the proton and neutron in the atom. It is holistic Bell’s theorem 1972 by Clauser, Freedman, David Böehm, and Alain Aspect in 1985

The eternal cosmic energy bind the nucleus in the atom is holistic, it connect our solar system with the cosmos. It has appeared first in the atom and maintained its continuity in the molecules, matter, and the living-beings.

The movement of the hydrophilic colloidal ions in the closed system has generated the insipient nucleus in the centre. It is the first symbol of life. It has maintained its continuity with cell division and evolution.

The eternal cosmic energy appear with formation of fertilized zygote in the womb from mother. The immortal sound of words is the stimulator of language on the DNA. And metabolism is the source of consciousness. They appear with birth in the womb as hereditary life principle, and disappear with death.

The DNA is responsible for the development of the physical body with sense organs. Their functions are stimulated by their objects, just like sound of words and picture. They stimulate the multiple faculty of brain with thought in fraction of a second.

 The sense organs and the brain are the vehicles of DNA through nervous system and electrical impulses. They execute the functions with thought and memory stored in DNA, and records the actions in the life till death.

The coding of words begins with opening of the mental code in the womb. It suppressed the memory of the previous birth. The whole body is synthesized from the DNA, and is connected with the brain with nervous system and electrical impulses. Hence it stimulates the multiple faculty of brain with multiple thoughts in fraction of a second.

After the death the physical body disintegrates in the nature, and the immortal thought words remains in the universe. They search DNA instrument for operation. The DNA is universally present in the living-beings. It requires specific code with complimentary thought resting in the nature.

As soon as the fertilized DNA divide in the womb, a language code open on the DNA, which is the code for the mental development of the brain, the mental code is specific, which attract the specific thought mentality resting in the sky, if the mental code and thought mentality are complimentary with each other, than the thought of an individual tie down with the DNA, and open the language code on the DNA, with the past memory of an individual. With this the cell metabolism is the source of consciousness, and physical body develops as per the hereditary characters from the parents. Due to the fresh encoding, the past emories become suppressed. It gives unusual experiences and decides the fate in life. Hence even the time twins have different DNA and fate in life.

The life appears with the union of thought mentality of an individual with fertilized DNA, and metabolic energy of food is the source of consciousness in the womb. It disappears with death.


I am very much thankful to the Department of Culture, Government of India for the senior fellowship, to the Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla for the associate-ship, & Govt. of M.P. Higher education for the opportunity to work.


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Prof. Chandra P Trivedi, with incredible amount of experience as professor, researcher and Principal of lead college, Bhind and Ratlam under Jeewaji University, Gwalior, and Vikram University, Ujjain respectively. As an academician author of more than 10 books, his books and work has been published in many leading papers of the subcontinent and books from India and Germany. He is former senior fellow, Department of culture, Govt. of India, Associate IIAS, Shimla. As a Professor and Scientist, he has gone into the depth of Yoga, Meditation, Spiritualism and Vedas at Vedic Research Institute, Ratlam. He is among original thinker with innovative approach to solve the national problem. He explored India’s glorious past with answer of Einstein’s Grand Unified Force. As an academician, Vedic Scientists and professor, he has first time crack the Vedic code with oldest un-deciphered symbols of the world ‘Advanced gene technology’. Going ahead Prof. Trivedi has given the answer of modern problems related with origin of life consciousness and Higgs field 2013. E-mail:


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  1. Kailash; Mahakal
    The great Event
    A pot Kumbha with nectarine drops
    Kumbha Mela at Ujjain with entry of sun in Aries and Jupitor in Leo has a special significance. When, sun emits gigantic radiations with nectarine drops. It is the great event on the Earth. It has given the way for origin of life with cordial atmospheric conditions on earth. To preserve the ancient wisdom, the Kumbha Mela is celebrated with every twelve years cycle.
    The pot Kumbha signifies the immortal DNA as instrument of life, phonon beholds life consciousness and food metabolism is source of life. The Ascetics with different ideologies gather at one place to celebrate the great event of origin of life on the Earth. The sapient beholds the life consciousness adorned to cell body with different genetic identity in DNA to cherish the life.
    During the cosmology a pot of nectarine drops was shed, it is immortal drop of Amrit for the creatures. The life blossom like flower with the nectarine drop and leaves feed the creation with photosynthesis.
    It has been expressed the life is like birds their nest upon the tree Rig. 10-127-4
    The pot represents DNA is like vessel for life and the DNA nucleotide blossom like flower with chemical energy of photosynthesis.
    ‘Once only once, the heaven was made, once only once, the earth was formed. Once, only PriŚni’s milk (Soma) was shed: no second, after this, is born Rig-Veda 6-48-22
    It has been expressed that the in the history of the creation once only once the earth has taken its shape with cosmology. The Prisni’s milk – Prisni is name of cow, who gives all types of food, the shed of chlorophyll pigment has been expressed by Prisni’s milk, It is the source of food chains and food webs in nature and feed the creation with photosynthesis.