This Might Be the Coolest Visualization of Evolution Ever


Harvard Medical School – TRANSCEND Media Service

Sep 9, 2016

Bacteria Overcoming Antibiotics on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish

In a creative stroke inspired by Hollywood wizardry, scientists have designed a simple way to observe how bacteria move as they become impervious to drugs. The experiments are thought to provide the first large-scale glimpse of the maneuvers of bacteria as they encounter increasingly higher doses of antibiotics and adapt to survive—and thrive—in them.

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One Response to “This Might Be the Coolest Visualization of Evolution Ever”

  1. William Kanigan says:

    headline is deceiving it surprises me that the Editor
    of Transcend would not challenge it.
    It’s funny to see these guys marvelling over a process that only exists
    in their imaginations.

    1. What are they when they started? Bacteria. What are they when they
    finished? Bacteria. So bacteria evolved into bacteria?? Evolution has to
    be a change of kinds from one kind of organism to another, so where is
    this shown?

    2. Where is the evolution of simple to complex? Is that not what
    evolution is claiming? These bacteria do not evolve, they do the same as
    we see in every form of life, that is a loss of part of our genetic
    instructions from one generation to the next. The degradation of the
    genetic instructions is not uniform, so of the great many generations of
    bacteria that multiplied in the beginning, some of them had genetic
    code that was damaged. Those ones which were not affected by the single
    antibiotic they chose to use (but are affected by a different
    antibiotic) and that is why they can continue to multiply. So did the
    bacteria gain any new genetic information in order to survive? No, all
    we see is loss of genetic information, so no evolution process here

    3. Organisms that are not harmed by an antibiotic, or pesticide, or
    herbicide or whatever will live, no matter how much dosage you want to
    spray on it. So increasing the dosage from the ends of the plate to the
    middle doesn’t mean a thing. Either the agent kills it or not, whatever
    the dose. So pour as much roundup on a resistant weed as you want, you
    will still see that weed in the field even though the other weeds die.
    So increasing the dosage doesn’t show any evolution either..

    4. This experiment visualisation is flawed because they have
    artificially created an environment that has no competition. So the
    bacteria that mutated is allowed to prosper because there are no other
    competitors in the environment to use the available food, water, space
    etc. Competitors rob that resistant bacteria of these things and the
    small percentage of those resistant bacteria are not so free to multiply
    because some of the generations will die to competitors. In real life
    there are competitors and also our bodies expell materials to help
    remove those generations that are resistant. So this closed system
    visualisation is lacking the reality of conditions we see in the real
    world. So again, we don’t see any bacteria evolving new traits to win
    over against competing bacteria, there are no competitors at all..‎ and
    they are given an artificially favourable environment in which to

    This kind of article is typical, lots of whoop up over something that
    only exists in their imagination. No new kind of organism, no new
    genetic information, and experiments that do not represent the factors
    of the real world.‎ They will be off in the wrong direction because of
    their evolutionery brainwashing, and this only delays progress because
    they imagine processes that don’t exist and try to formulate defenses
    against it. Scientists who understand there is no such mechanism as
    evolution will spend their time on real evidence and will reach
    solutions faster and not chasing their imaginations. Evolutionists
    holds back real scientific progress.They need to comprehend that there
    is a difference
    between evolution and adaptation.