Land without Mirrors

POETRY FORMAT, 24 Oct 2016

Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia – TRANSCEND Media Service







At some point, hard to remember
Under the sway of the stars,
Along the pathless plains
Brimming towards I knew not what,
I had decided I was more a wanderer,
And that my travels counted
On a destination never to be reached,
Perhaps that blacker line in the distance
Where my earth pressed up
Against the weight of the airs

From the hollow of a resting place
I greeted them all, my visitors,
They stayed, my guests,
Only so long, I envied them,
Miscreants and troubadours,
Players, prostitutes, protectors,
They shared my game, told me things,
Always a whisper, always sly,
Their stories made the sun less harsh,
Dusk not so menacing

Night was my home
And I was quick to move,
To pass, better to judge my step
And let the canopy sink into song,
Whether I thought of you
Or someone else, through me

The hills were only visible by clue,
By a ghostly whorl of cloud in the distance
Gathering above, beyond

My fires blazed as I picked up speed,
It didn’t matter where I went,
In this land without mirrors

Dr. Garcia is an American poet, novelist and physician who now resides in New Zealand. He may be contacted at


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