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31 Oct 2016 – From the apartheid wall to military checkpoints to the blockade of Gaza, Palestinians living under occupation and apartheid face many barriers to doing the every day things many of us take for granted: going to school, getting to work, traveling to see friends and family.

But there are also digital barriers Palestinians have to deal with.
PayPal, a U.S. company that operates a worldwide online payments system, doesn’t allow Palestinians in the Occupied Territories to use their services. Meanwhile Jewish settlers in the West Bank living on stolen Palestinian land can use PayPal as they please.A coalition of Palestinian businesses and civil society groups is calling on PayPal to end this discrimination against Palestinians.Click here to add your name to the #PayPal4Palestine petition!Palestinians being denied access to PayPal means they cannot use their services to run a business, or raise money for a charity, or send cash to a relative, or make everyday purchases online. Getting access to PayPal can make a real difference in the lives of so many Palestinians as the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality continues.

We are partnering with member group Jewish Voice for Peace and SumOfUs on this campaign, which already has been supported by more than 65,000 people.

Can you help us get to at least 70,000 signatures by adding your name today?

Thank you for taking action!


US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
P.O. Box 21539
Washington, DC 20009

Join the BDS-BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS campaign to protest the Israeli barbaric siege of Gaza, illegal occupation of the Palestine nation’s territory, the apartheid wall, its inhuman and degrading treatment of the Palestinian people, and the more than 7,000 Palestinian men, women, elderly and children arbitrarily locked up in Israeli prisons.

DON’T BUY PRODUCTS WHOSE BARCODE STARTS WITH 729, which indicates that it is produced in Israel. DO YOUR PART! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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4 Responses to “US Campaign for Palestinian Rights: PayPal”

  1. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    Palestinians have suffered enough and they deserve their own country and to be given their God given rights

    Any organization that supports wether directly or indirectly the continued oppression of the Palest or any other human beings white black Christian Muslim Atheist or whatever religion or non religion he/she or they follow should be condemned and boycotted.

  2. Gary Corseri says:

    Thanks for taking note of this, Antonio.

    I just signed my name to the petition.

    Oppression, repression, suppression of any people anywhere should never be tolerated by any people anywhere! That is the meaning of our human family!

    It is especially sad and poignant to see this suppression taking place in Israel/Palestine–a nation that exists because non-Jews felt guilt after WWII over the suffering of the Jews during that war? But, what lesson was learned by the founders and champions of Israel? Hasn’t the great lesson of our common, shared humanity been lost? If one of the lessons of the Second World War was that any people, no matter how well situated in a society (as Jews were well-situated in Germany for decades before the War), can become victims of racism and oppression, then surely another great lesson is that any people, no matter how “civilized” or “advanced” (as the Germans were acknowledged to be before the First World War!) can become oppressors. That 2nd lesson has yet to be understood by too many Israelis and by well-placed persons in AIPAC (the American-Israel Political Action Committee).

    (How about changing the name of the State every 10 years–from Israel/Palestine to Palestine/Israel and back and forward? A small symbolic step towards rationalism and humanism!)

    As the great Pete Seeger used to sing: “When will they ever learn?”

  3. Hadi Alkisadi says:

    I support Palestinians right

  4. Hadi Alkisadi says:

    This is a very complecated CAPTCHA Code, why?