Remedies to Heal the World


Dr. M. Ashaq Raza – TRANSCEND Media Service

When we fail to change the things
By force, hate, enmity and revenge
And comes nothing to our mind
Except killing fellow humankind

Let’s think calmly of Applying
Principles of understanding
The kindness, forgiveness
Tolerance and the oneness
The non-violence, co-existence
Brotherhood and acceptance

These are priceless remedies
That can heal up deep injuries
And which are less expensive
And durable than explosives
The guns, missiles and bombs
Which hurt, kill, maim humans?

So why do we apply them
Have we with us when
Medicines without side effects
So apply these on ALL defects

The kindness, forgiveness
Tolerance and the oneness
Non-violence, co-existence
Brotherhood and acceptance
The remedies to heal up world
What Saints, Prophets uphold?

Dr. M. Ashaq Raza is an academician, peace worker and human rights activist based in Jammu, India.


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 7 Nov 2016.

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