And Flight

POETRY FORMAT, 27 Feb 2017

Emanuel E. Garcia – TRANSCEND Media Service

I bartered for a simple skiff,
Birdsong had begun to flag when I set out
Keen again upon the open seas

And on the disappearing spit
My former comrades ranged:
Springs and cliffs and nooks,
Daily goals, abandonment at night –
The land enchanted with its fruit

Perhaps I too, in staying,
Might have revelled in the anchored dawn
And turned an eye with growing cheer
Towards noon each day
And daily fed upon the plots and chattels,
Savoury intrigues, songs of the flesh

Here the waves are endless,
Endlessly begun:
They leave no time for sleep,
The songs they carry sly –
Of empty desert courtyards and a twilight shroud,
Kneeling supplicants unveiled,
The stolen kiss enough to live a life upon,
And flight

I work the sails with the careless breath of my imaginings

Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia is an American poet, novelist and physician who now resides in New Zealand. He may be contacted at


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 27 Feb 2017.

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One Response to “And Flight”

  1. Gary Corseri says:

    A new picture of Dr. Garcia…and a splendid new poem–reminding me a bit of Robert Louis Stevenson–another adventurer and traveler in physical and psychic realms.

    A mastery of sounds and rhythms here, tempting all to leave the “disappearing spit” of “daily goals” and “land enchanted with its fruit”…to inhale deeply of “the careless breath” of “imaginings.”