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“Harmony of the word is the only true objective reality.” –Henri Poincare

Contest Conditions:

  1. Definition of the key concept in the Contest: SPHERONS. SPHERONS are four universal harmonious classes of the population, covering it as a whole, without exception, employed in four spheres of social production. They constitute a deep societal (macro-) structure of humanity/ NOOSPHERE at all levels, which is constant in its architecture in all historical transformations but always changeable by composition of specific individuals. This structure establishes internally organized perpetual social genome (Socionome) of humanity/NOOSPHERE at all levels, ensuring its internal self-government, autopoiesis, global peace, survival, sustainable development and prosperity of all nations from harmony of SPHERONS. SPHERONS are a fundamental social reality, constantly defining the society/person’s life, which is due to its depth and complexity has been available for knowledge only in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
  2. The value of SPHERONS idea. The SPHERONS’ idea, which arose 40 years ago is the center, the heart, the nerve and the essence of Global Peace Science (GPS) [1], as well as all 8 books and more than 50 projects of global peace and harmonious civilization from social harmony created during 12 years in the (GHA) [2]. The idea SPHERONS has a key importance for the new social science and development of the social knowledge in the future. Of key epistemological importance of SPHERONS’ idea for any social knowledge follows the key importance of its scientific reasoning and argumentation in all conceivable forms. SPHERONS are the social reality that determines for the most part all the positive qualities, values, and health of humanity/NOOSPHERE but that human has not yet knew so far in his traditional social sciences that determines their backwardness and stagnation. The biological health is dependent on the 60% from the genome. The social and economic health of society depends at least (if not much more) from knowledge and use of SPHERONS as social genome.
  3. The Contest subject: The scientific expert rating/valuation in two forms: positive/constructive or negative/critical of the evidential argumentation of SPHERONS. From many argumentations for 40 years now it is represented in two the most concise versions (3 + 2 pages) in the relevant articles of Leo Semashko below: Deep Societal Structure of SPHERONS’ Harmony: Copernican Revolution of Sociology in the XXI century; and: Argumentation of Historical Reason in Knowledge of Societal Structure of Society/Human/Noosphere (SHN). The main detailed scientific reasoning SPHERONS is presented in the GPS book in its first two chapters: the first chapter (30 pp.) – A detailed theoretical proof of SPHERONS; the second chapter (46 pp.) – a detailed statistical, empirical proof of SPHERONS by the example of Russia and other countries.

The Contest scientific goal is the best critical scientific review (critique) on the SPHERONS’ argumentation providing its strengthening and development or disproof.

Summary. Logic of the scientific theoretical argumentation of SPHERONS in its pure form without details. It consists of three theses-assumptions.

  1. The life of society/person is impossible without four equally necessary and sufficient resources: People, Information, Organization and Things (material goods and services): PIOT. The absence of at least one of them excludes the life of society/person (Toffler and others).
  2. A society is a system of four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production (Marx and others).
  3. The life of a person from birth to death is autopoiesis, selfproduction (Maturana and others).

These theses are confirmed by the whole history of mankind and knowledge, which knows not a single refuting fact. There is no any scientific refutation or scientifically proven alternative to these theses. If you know it or can offer it, please formulate it in a critique to the Contest. In the extreme case, this argumentation can be reduced to the last two theses. In any version, one necessary conclusion follows from them:

CONCLUSION: People, the population of any society and humanity as a whole are divided into four equally necessary and sufficient classes on their employment in four spheres of social production, therefore these classes was named by SPHERONS.

Their attributes, role in society, place in history and significance for the whole social life and human cognition are revealed in the GHA works (above). To refute this conclusion, at least one of his premises must be refute. This is a key scientific conclusion similar conclusion of Copernicus, in the recognition of which “fear should not give advice” (Dante).

  1. Contest Requirements.
  2. Textual. At the Contest the textual reviews/ratings on the subject matter, i.e., SPHERONS argumentation accept in the length from 10 lines to 2 (maximum) standard pages by 12 font of Times New Roman and single interval. The sent reviews are published on the page:
    SPHERONS Argumentation Ratings:
    (See here the first review of Prof. Siebert, USA).
  3. Meaningful. Each review must include an answer to the central question: “Is the proposed argumentation of SPHERONS satisfactory from a scientific point of view or unsatisfactory” Similar response must be the original premise of review or its deduction. To Contest participate only reviews with the scientific evidence are accepted, which contain a theoretical/logical arguments or empirical-statistical facts and historical evidence, or a combination thereof. Reviews deprived of scientific evidence that they are substituted with any ideological justification – political, philosophical, religious, national, etc. to participate in the Contest will not be accepted. Reviews can be both positive and critical in any measure. Review, which offers scientific proof, completely destroying the proposed SPHERONS argumentation, is particularly scientific importance and value as the ultimate test of viability of SPHERONS idea. The author of similar review gets the best chance to win the Contest.
  4. Structural. All Contest reviews should have a brief (up to 10 lines) bio note indicating the scientific degree, education, employment, scientific experience, the number of scientific publications, home address and all contacts: phone, email, Skype, website. It is allowed only single authors update of reviews. Other restrictions to participate in Contest do not exist.
  5. 4. Temporal and technical. The Contest duration is 1 year, until 15 February 2018. Reviews on the Contest will be accepted until January 15, 2018 in the form of files attached to an email in WORD.DOC format. Other formats are not accepted. Reviews are submitted in one of two languages: English or Russian. Reviews are sent by email in two addresses simultaneously for safety and control:
    Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President (India): and
  6. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President (Russia):
  7. Contest Jury: This is the GHA Board – 36 members from 14 countries (, which is competent if not less than 50% of its members participate. The Jury members have the right to participate in the Contest. The Jury determines the winners in two categories: Best scientific positive/constructive review and Best scientific negative/critical review. The Jury works constantly, meets with incoming reviews but their valuation it discusses and approves in the period from 15 January to 10 February. The Jury recommended or not recommended the reviews authors for the title of Academician of the International Academy of Global Noospheral Peace (AGNP – see below.). The Jury determines the sole winner for cash prize in $ 1,000.
  8. Prize and Awards of the Contest winners. In view of the financing deficit, the GHA has the ability for the first Contest to install only one cash prize in $ 1,000. It will be ensure by the GHA business CEO Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Mr. Andrei Semashko and some other sponsors of GHA. The Contest main award is recognition of its winners as the Academicians of AGNP with job and salary. The structure and working conditions of this Academy will be announced at the beginning of 2018. The Contest results are announced on the GHA anniversary – 15 February.
  9. The Contest organizational goal. It is creation of the International Academy of Global Noospheral Peace (AGNP – 10-20 humanities scholars to begin), the formation of its staff (full members – Academicians) of the Contest winners, scientifically convinced in the fundamental role of SPHERONS as key actors of global noospheral peace, ensuring the survival of not only humanity but also the Earth’s biosphere. The risk of any world war with any weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear – is the risk of destroying not only the Noosphere but and Earth’s biosphere. To prevent this risk can only fundamental actors – SPHERONS, constituting global peace within Noosphere through its deep harmonious societal structure. In this architecture, now lacks only one ingredient: scientific knowledge, science of SPHERONS. Its deficiency is intended to fill AGNP, international staff of which is formed as a result of this Contest. AGNP will be Academy of the renewed peacemaking and innovative pacifism, keeping all its achievements but opening the way out of the impasse of traditional pacifism, which was powerless before the war for almost two centuries. AGNP will be Academy of a new level of public consciousness and scientific thinking, to only which, according to Einstein, global problems created traditional thinking are resolved. The Contest will create a stable staff of convinced adherents for the new Academy, which will be able to raise social knowledge and its sciences to a qualitatively new level overcoming their fragmentation, stagnation and backwardness. This is the Contest main result, which constitutes a key resource of the social sciences revolution.
  10. The Contest significance. For the world’s scientific and expert community, this Contest is a test for the ability to adequately reflect and evaluate the fundamental discovery of SPHERONS, their argumentation and scientific importance. For scientific argumentation of SPHERONS and further development of Tetrasociology and its Global Peace Science this Contest is a test for viability, determining the extent of their intellectual potential and its limitations. The SPHERONS idea was originated in Tetrasociology 40 years ago. During this time there was not one of its scientific refutation. This Contest is designed to find either similar rebuttal, which will receive a prize of $ 1000, or be convinced in its (rebuttal) impossibility and full logical truth of SPHERONS argumentation providing a revolution of social knowledge and its sciences.

Started on January 15, 2017 – GHA approved on March 11, 2017

Project authors:

Dr. Leo Semashko, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Surendra Pathak, Mr. Kanak Dugar and others.


  1. Dr. Leo Semashko (Editor in Chief) and 173 coauthors from 34 countries. Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS’ Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century. World Textbook. First Edition in English, Smaran Publication, JD Group of Publication, New Delhi, 2016, 616 pages, ISBN 978-81-929087-8-6

  1. The GHA Books and Projects List:


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