How Amateur President, Amateur Secretary of State and Amateur UN Ambassador Could Start World War III

ANGLO AMERICA, 17 Apr 2017

Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service

You Fools You Fools You Fools (*)

(*) “Perhaps there is no more fitting tribute…to all wars everywhere – than the closing chapters of Johnny Got His Gun. Published on September 3, 1939, two days after the start of WWII. Dalton Trumbo’s novel was about a World War I veteran whose four limbs, face and genitals had been blown away by a shell but had been kept alive in a secret military hospital as a curiosity. He is deaf, dumb, and blind, and must lift and drop his head against a hospital pillow to tap out – in Morse code – what he wants to tell mankind. He asks that the wretched trunk of his body be placed in a glass case and taken around the world on display. One of the last powerful paragraphs of the book ends this way: ‘I know the truth and you don’t you fools. You fools you fools you fools…”

“Take me into your churches your great towering cathedrals that have to be rebuilt every fifty years because they are destroyed by war. Carry me in my glass box down the aisles where kings and priests and brides and children at their confirmation have gone so many times before to kiss a splinter of wood from a true cross on which was nailed the body of a man who was lucky enough to die. Set me high on your altars and call on god to look down upon his murderous little children his dearly beloved little children. Wave over me the incense I can’t smell. Swill down the sacramental wine I can’t taste. Drone out the prayers I can’t hear. Go through the old holy gestures for which I have no legs and no arms. Chorus out the hallelujahs I can’t sing. Bring them out loud and strong for me your hallelujahs all of them for me.”

“To fight that war they would need men and if men saw the future they wouldn’t fight. So they were masking the future they were keeping the future a soft quiet deadly secret. They knew that if all the little people all the little guys saw the future they would begin to ask questions and they would find answers that they would say to the guys who wanted them to fight they would say ‘you lying thieving sons-of-bitches we won’t fight we won’t be dead we will live we are the world we are the future and we will not let you butcher us no matter what you say no matter what speeches you make no matter what slogans you write’…

“Remember this. Remember this well you people who plan for war. Remember this you patriots you fierce ones you spawners of hate you inventors of slogans. Remember this as you have never remembered anything else in your lives.”

 – The above quotes are excerpted from Hell, Healing and Resistance: Veterans Speak, by Daniel Hallock



13 Apr 2017 – Last week Donald Trump happened to watch the admittedly disturbing TV images of dead and dying Syrian toddlers that had been filmed by unknown videographers from Al-Qaeda – supposedly America’s mortal and very untrustworthy enemy. Those individuals were anti-Assad activists who claimed – with no verifiable proof – that the chemical gas attack had come from Assad’s Syrian army. Assad said that the allegations were false and that the footage could have been staged by one of the many very savvy rebel groups who regularly make propaganda films to somehow influence viewers around the world.

But ever since the unleashing of the American “dogs of war” back in 2003 by the Cheney/Bush administration and its illegal, de-stabilizing invasion, the Mideast has been a living hell for its inhabitants, with starvation, civil wars, massive internal displacements and war refugees everywhere. And yet, despite the overwhelming evidence, the US military elites are blithely regarding themselves as blameless of being the major root cause of the perpetual civil wars, the failed states, the anarchy, the human suffering, and all the dead and dying children; and it continues – thanks to its lapdog mainstream media – to evade any question of guilt.

Of course, it must be mentioned, that the main provocative event that started the whole process of Mideast de-stabilization, which predictably led to the war crimes, the atrocities, and the refugee crises, just like a line of dominoes, was the controlled demolitions and explosive pulverizations into fine dust of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11/01 – which was falsely blamed on Muslims like Osama bin Laden. Whatever groups or organizations or governments were responsible for those pre-planting the demolition charges are the ones that should be in the dock in a war crimes tribunal – for it couldn’t have been Arab hi-jackers.

(Spend a couple of hours at: Everything anybody needs to know about that Crime and Cover-up of the 21st Century is on that site [along with clues as to who and what was behind the obvious false flag op.])

The film footage that Citizen Trump saw was obviously very effective Al Qaeda propaganda, for it fooled him into ordering a Shock and Awe-type missile attack against the preferred suspects. Al Qaeda has no air force or cruise missiles, so Trump was effectively duped into striking a devastating blow for them against Assad.

It is almost like Trump and his cabinet have never heard of the concept of a “false flag op” or a “hoax”. Trump’s amateurish Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, immediately fell for the false flag and within 24 hours (and before any formal independent investigation was done) gave a humiliating verbal spanking to the Russian ambassador in a Security Council meeting – without any confirmation of Assad’s guilt.

And, as usual, the compliant American press also took the bait and immediately jumped to the Trump White House’s approved conclusion – thus convincing its exquisitely brain-washable and very obedient American news consumers that simplistic politicized explanations of complex issues are preferred, right or wrong. Damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead!

So now everybody who trusts the mainstream American media believes that they know all they need to know about the issue, and that is this: Assad, rather than any of the many likely-to-be-guilty anti-government militias or rebel groups in the Syrian civil war, was the sole perpetrator of the dirty deed.

And so the blindered, flag-waving, anti-Muslim majorities here in America reflexively cheered the newest “strong man”, “tough on socialism and crime” in the Oval Office when Trump directed Secretary of War General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to order the over-the-top retaliatory air strike. There is a lot of finger-crossing by the Trump team and a lot of praying by the Pence team going on right now, hoping, if and when an unbiased investigative team examines all the evidence, that the Syrian army will be found guilty. But don’t count on it.

Our once honorable and respected nation had developed a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. This is stupid on so many different levels. Such childish behaviors are a sure way to make the millions of our abused, denigrated and humiliated enemies start looking at all the  soft targets that exist all around the world, including our vulnerable consulates and military bases, and all the indefensible oil pipelines and electric grids. People who live in glass houses -and nations that have target-rich environments – shouldn’t throw stones.

<<<Sociopaths and Narcissists Never Say They’re Sorry>>>

Strongmen, especially the narcissistic and sociopathic ones, never admit that they are ever wrong, nor do they ever say “I’m sorry”. And don’t expect any Mea Culpas from the war-mongering, militaristic types that are infesting the Trump administration, especially the Joint Chiefs of Staff-types that are in the habit of giving us such criminal disasters as the Operation Northwoods false flag operation, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag op, the My Lai Massacre and cover-up, the Kuwaiti Baby hoax and the Massacre in Fallujah (compliments of “Mad Dog” Mattis and company – [google “James Mattis is a War Criminal”]).

Remorseless, shameless, militaristic, racist, xenophobic, neofascist, plutocratic megalomaniacs are over-represented in Washington, DC and New York right now – although they have always been there; and the Deep State/Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex has been orchestrating conspiracies on a daily basis. Planning conspiracies is Job # 1 of secret cult-like groups like the CIA, the Mossad, MI6, the FBI and all the other intelligence services that serve the Deep State. (Google “Mike Lofgren and the Deep State” and “Dark Money”.)

<<<Short Memories for American Atrocities; Long Memories for Everybody Else’s Atrocities>>>

Prejudiced American civilians have angrily perpetrated indignities and abuse against innocent non-white, non-Christian people forever, and therefore their similarly prejudiced soldier-sons feel free to inflict indignities, abuse plus rape, plunder, war crimes and wartime atrocities against whomever the moneyed elites have fingered as the latest likely prospects for enmity (including Native Americans, foreigners, blacks, gays, non-Christians, Mexicans, Muslims, etc).

Just in the past week, there have emerged two more blatantly obvious ways that the Trump amateurs in the White House might be blundering into World War III. To find out about some of the others, one would have to look into the many CIA, Mossad and Pentagon contingency plans that are already in place for America’s Deep State to bamboozle these rookies.

The Cheney/Bush/Obama administrations fulfilled many of the Pentagon wet dream de-stabilization plans for the Muslim world. One major one was revealed by General Wesley Clark in a Democracy Now interview that can be viewed at:

In 2007, Clark was shown a Pentagon memo that listed seven Mideast Muslim nations for which there were contingency plans to invade or otherwise de-stabilize. The only nation among the seven that has not yet been invaded is Iran.

As of this moment, besides the Syria cruise missile caper, the most obvious incident risking a  war is already happening in the China Sea, with amateurs Trump and Tillerson making threats against North Korea and sending the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier battle group to head toward North Korea, risking some sort of military provocation.

Throughout its history, the evidence of American military atrocities and war crimes are routinely censored-out by the American mainstream media, with sugar-coated fake news being substituted instead. We simpletons and untermenschen are only allowed to see the nefarious deeds of the “bad guys” of enemy nations, but never our own. So it is easy to believe the propagandized version of the wars that are fought by the honorable warrior sons of our “shining city on a hill”.

As an example of how war propaganda works, it is next to impossible for anybody who gets their news from America’s mainstream media to recall any of the details of the Fallujah, Iraq massacre of 2004 – because we were never allowed to see the videos of the US Marine war crime nor did we hear any of the atrocity stories. Another example is the fact that virtually all of the thousands of photos and films of the aftermath of the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bombings were immediately confiscated and/or destroyed by General McArthur. America’s tender sensibilities would have been assaulted, and its appetite for future atomic war preparations would have been blunted.

Most Americans never knew there was an atrocity-producing war going on in Korea in the early 1950s because it was censored by the military elites. It was not called the Hidden War for nothing. And we American never found out about the My Lai massacre (March 16, 1968) until years later because it was covered-up by military insiders – including Colin Powell; nor were we told anything about the hundreds of little My Lai massacres that happened routinely during the Vietnam War.

Publicizing such things would weaken the innate patriotism of the citizenry and perhaps inflame some otherwise complacent civilians to object, resist, revolt or even adversely affect the stock market. And American elites won’t allow anything to happen that might threaten America’s artificial, sometimes drug-induced “tranquility”. Keeping the population comfortably numb is preferable.

But honesty demands that Americans acknowledge that the Pentagon and the CIA have been torturing innocent “suspects” for a long time, and they have been regularly committing crimes and atrocities all over the Mideast ever since 2002 – most recently in Yemen and Iraq. But, true to form, most Americans have already erased the stories that we might have heard only once from their short memories. Guilt-inducing realities, if we hear about them at all, are rapidly flushed down the Big Media and Pentagon toilets – and our memories are ready for the next False Flag op or hoax – which will only excite us until the next news cycle begins.

<<<The International Criminal Court in The Hague>>>

At the turn of the last century, the peace-loving nations of the world voted to include themselves in the International Criminal Court (ICC), allowing their nation’s militaries to be subject to judgement and punishment for war crimes, crimes against humanity and wartime atrocities. Shamefully, the United States, Israel, China, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, and Yemen were the only seven nations that opposed the treaty that established the ICC. 120 nations became signatories to the treaty – but not America. Conservative political organizations, emboldened by the outspoken opposition to the treaty from right-wing think tanks and lobbying groups like the Heritage Foundation refused to allow America to join the family of nations, regarding the US as being above the law.

America’s infamous – and highly profitable – war machine has been universally-recognized as possessing the most lethal weapons in the history of the world (since we replaced Nazi Germany in that category after WWII). And America’s two political parties agree that they will have no hesitation to use those weapons (a reality regularly expressed whenever the Pentagon says that “all military options are on the table”).

<<<What About the Poison Gas Attack and Trump’s Ill-Advised Retaliatory Gesture?>>>

With the American war crimes against innocent civilians in Iraq and Yemen effectively erased from our memory, the American media has been happy to promote the conspiracy theory that Assad and his air force conspired to use poison gas against Syrian targets. Having accomplished that sleight of hand, the media has shamelessly judged Assad of being a unique war criminal, thus simultaneously obscuring our own guilt and permitting Trump to jump to conclusions and order the bombing of the Syrian military air base – before any documented evidence of who was actually responsible could be brought before an unbiased tribunal.

Of course, the Al Qaeda videos went viral, instantly becoming very popular with the Russophobic Western pro-militarist elites in both NeoLiberal (corporate economic interventionists) and NeoConservative (corporate military interventionist) circles. And of course the corporate-controlled mainstream media – including the once-honorable PBS and NPR – have predictably failed to apply honorable investigative journalistic principles to the events, thus endorsing the military response that predictably boosted Trump’s approval ratings.

The US military has lost every significant combat war it has engaged in since WWII (including Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq) and their war-profiteering industrialists have been casting about for more blame-worthy enemies to justify the annual trillion dollar, bankrupting military spending and war materiel orders that keep the weapons industries, Wall Street and the Pentagon humming.

<<<A Summary of What is Likely to Have Been a False Flag Operation in Syria>>>

The narrative accompanying the video footage that swayed Trump showed the now discredited-as-propaganda “White Hat” brigade members trying to hose down the dying poison gas victims in a region where there is no American presence. The unknown makers of the video claimed that the chemical agent responsible was military-grade Sarin gas.

Within hours after the Al Qaeda video went viral, a pair of U.S. Navy destroyers – that had been pre-positioned in the eastern Mediterranean – launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles (at a cost of some $1.5 million each, which equals $85,000,000 of scarce taxpayer dollars in one pop, to the delight of some weapons manufacturer or other), targeting aircraft, hardened shelters, fuel storage, munitions supply, air defense and communications facilities at the Syrian air base. Only 20% of the air base was disabled and jets were flying out of the base within a few  days.

The cooler heads of most of the members of the UN Security Council refused to blame Assad until further study of the facts were examined by an independent group.

This space is reserved for the true story, if we Americans are ever allowed to hear it.


Note: Parts of this article are based on information from Scott Ritter’s April 9, 2017 Huffington Post article entitled “Wag the Dog — How Al Qaeda Played Donald Trump and the American Media”. Ritter was one of the weapons inspectors that determined that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, prior to the 2003 invasion, much to the disapproval of the Project for the New American Century and the Cheney/Bush administration. Readers can access it by googling: Scott Ritter Is Not Buying It.


Dr Kohls is a retired physician from Duluth, MN, USA. He writes a weekly column for the Duluth Reader, the area’s alternative newsweekly magazine. His columns deal with the dangers of American fascism, corporatism, militarism, racism, malnutrition, Big Pharma’s psychiatric drugging and over-vaccination regimens, and other movements that threaten the environment, prosperity, democracy, civility and the health and longevity of the populace. Many of his columns are archived at; or at

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