What is Peace Journalism?


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Have you noticed that news media always cover war and violence, but rarely peace and reconciliations? Check out a new style of reporting that is emerging, and being used worldwide.



This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 4 Dec 2017.

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2 Responses to “What is Peace Journalism?”

  1. “Peace journalism” is a great concept, and we need more of it, especially from Western mainstream media which all too often is merely a tool of the corporate Deep State determined to dominate the world by any means necessary. Peace journalism should address the need for a new geopolitical governing system since the United Nations has not been up to the task.

    The Earth Federation Movement, I feel, defines “peace journalism” in a direct and indirect manner. Our Earth Constitution is designed to change the world from a geopolitical “war system” to a “global peace system.” The Earth Constitution is designed to replace the flawed UN Charter in order to have a global governing system that could end war, yet Establishment media fails to let the public know that there is a potentially viable path to world peace.

    The West is flooded with “fake news” courtesy of the CIA’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” which is a propaganda system with numerous media outlets, including journalists, who are CIA media “assets.” It’s no longer called propaganda, but now it’s called “perception management.” Peace journalists can explain to the public how “enemies” are artificially created to keep the public in fear and easier to manipulate for big military budgets.

    Peace journalism must address the carnage brought to the world community by US/NATO/Israel by revealing the “regime change” plot which has destroyed nations from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to Libya, and now Yemen, and beyond.

    Peace journalism must also address covert operations used to overthrow governments. Why can’t the UN stop them? The CIA, for example, has been described as “organized Crime” (Valentine, 2017, Clarity Press). The Israeli Mossad has been exposed as a main actor in the highly sophisticated 9/11 false flag operation.

    A “new UN” under the Earth Constitution outlaws war and could put the leaders of nations responsible for world crimes where they belong — in jail. A peaceful community requires some fair and honest “law and order,” a feature lacking on the international stage. There is no sheriff in town at the global level.

    What you call “peace journalism” we call “world public interest journalism.” Why? Peace is more than the absence of war. Economic sabotage (i.e., austerity) against a developing nation by Big Money can kill people indirectly due to unnecessary poverty. Unnecessary poverty kills because of inadequate shelter (eg, homeless), lack of proper nutrition, harsh living conditions (big city slums, Gaza, Yemen, etc.), inadequate health care (U.S.A., Africa), and crime.

    But whatever we call this needed type of journalism, it is badly needed.

    — Roger Kotila

    • Cena Foura says:

      The only facts that 9/11 assault on the West produce, are that the muslims are complicit with the jews, and that these bad actors all speak Russian apparently since Imran Awan and his Pakistani ISIS crew have been operating out of the DNC for a very long time already.