JOKE OF THE WEEK, 5 Feb 2018

Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

President Bush was informed that there was a threat of a bird flu epidemic.

So he ordered to bomb Turkey and the Canary Islands.


A man went to a pawn shop in San Francisco and discovered a brass rat that intrigued him.  He asked the store owner how much it cost.

The owner said, “With the story 100 dollars; without the story 10 dollars.”

“I take it without the story,” the man said.

As he walked out of the store with the brass rat in his hands, all the rats in town came out of basements and sewers and followed him.  He walked towards the boardwalk and threw the brass rat into the ocean.  All the rats that had followed him followed the brass rat and jumped into the ocean.  He went back to the pawn shop.

The owner smiled and said, “I knew you would come back.  You want the story!”

The man replied, “No, I am not interested in the story, but would you by any chance have a brass Republican?”


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