Animal Rights Activists: Cops Punish Protesters While Letting Corporations Off for Animal Torture


Amy Goodman – Democracy NOW!

6 Jun 2019

Meet the Animal Rights Activists Facing Prison Time for Rescuing Ducks, Piglets from Factory Farms

Nearly 100 animal rights activists were freed today, after being arrested by police in riot gear for carrying out a rescue mission and protest at the Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma, California, which they accuse of engaging in animal torture.

More than 600 activists with Direct Action Everywhere stormed the slaughterhouse Monday [3 Jun], fanning out in teams to chain themselves together at the entrance, freeing dozens of ducks and in some cases locking themselves by the neck to the slaughter line. Several of the activists made it inside the slaughterhouse, where they began trying to rescue ducks that were hanging upside down by their feet.

Inside the slaughterhouse, the activists began using U-locks on their own necks, locking themselves to the metal duck slaughtering production line. An employee of the slaughterhouse then turned on the belt, threatening the lives of the activists and nearly asphyxiating Thomas Chiang, who was dragged by the neck and wedged against a metal pole. Chiang was later taken away by ambulance and treated for nerve damage and severe pain. He’s since been released from the hospital. We speak with Priya Sawhney and Wayne Hsiung, co-founders and lead organizers at Direct Action Everywhere. Hsiung was arrested during Monday’s action and was released late Wednesday. He is facing a total of 17 felony charges in jurisdictions around the country for his animal rescue actions. Sawhney is also facing felony charges.


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One Response to “Animal Rights Activists: Cops Punish Protesters While Letting Corporations Off for Animal Torture”

  1. David Doerr says:

    It was reported six years ago today, (June 28, 2019), that India baned experimentation on animals, for use by the cosmetic industry.

    The European Union and Israel had previously implemented that policy.

    You must not gamble with your soul. Do not take actions that promote cruelty, lest the Evil One trick you, and in your next life you find yourself in some miserable condition. Everyone must ask the question (following the prophet Jeremiah’s example), “Where is God?” in order to mitigate violence and suffering on this planet.