Bombing Sheep

POETRY FORMAT, 24 Jun 2019

Tom Greening – TRANSCEND Media Service

On a hot, dry, smoggy day in Los Angeles,
a military jet roars over my house,
leaving a beautiful white vapor trail.
Nothing to fear.
I am looking at a newspaper photo of Syria.
Well-tended fields, pine trees,
lush green hills, a country house.
I imagine a cool stream, fresh air,
light breeze, and sheep.
But a bomber has just
blown up an ammunition dump.
and black smoke billows into the blue sky.
What do the sheep do now?
What do I do?

Tom Greening: I engage in five professional activities: faculty member at Saybrook University; private practice of psychotherapy; clinical professor of psychology, UCLA; international editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology; writing (poetry).



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One Response to “Bombing Sheep”

  1. Gary Corseri says:

    Well-done, Tom. Thank you. “Just enough.” Just the right touch–a wisp of calm and even beauty, and then the bigger world intrudes…and we question our little realities, and even ask moral questions.